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The Celebrity Culture


i recently watched an episode of south park ripping off the "fame" britney spears seems to be boasting lately. being south park....i believed it to be hugely blown out of proportion! like some asian guy wit a chicken....it just doesnt happen! anyways, me being the man i am, i dont tend to largely observe any media reports that the entertainment paparazzi deems relevant. but i looked into all the previous "scandals" about britney spears among a few others. i heard that a picture of britney's minge would sell for $500,000!

basically what i would like to find out is why we, as a society, deem it necessary to iconise morons such as jade goody (who appeared on big brother) and think it relevant that all the downs of our "role-models" be the main topic of news and not the ups instead


Since you know who Jade Goody is, aren’t you part of the problem? J/K

You will soon find out that the majority of people are “morans.”


[quote]analinvader803 wrote:
being south park…i believed it to be hugely blown out of proportion![/quote]

Well, most of us Americans don’t harass teen idols into committing suicide to ensure a good harvest.

Most of us.


god damn that harvest…


…Could you please use spell check? You’re making us South Park watchers look like inbred retards.

Celebrities get a lot of attention because people like living out fantasy’s in their head, and because of great feelings of Schadenfreude.


maybe you could spell “Beowulf” correctly…and then suck some ass, buddy