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The Catholic Thread


As an aside, cuz highdea, does hell have a tier structure based on ‘level of terribleness’ or some shit?

If God’s real and I end up having to bunk with one of these kid rapists I’ma be seriously pissed


Alright, call it a screen shot jajajaja.


Okay. Let me rephrase the question. Don’t you think the Pope (and by extension, Christ) not addressing and vowing to stop the rampant pedophilia going on in his church should be considered a matter of decency?


Show me with evidence, logic, science or even complete logic that the Catholic Faith is NOT the path to eternal salvation and it would be cool if you could remain civil but in all honesty it would not bother me if you were not ; )

You came into a thread titled 'The Catholic Thread and you want me to ask the questions? Alright, see above statement and prove it wrong. Use the Bible, the Catholic Church wrote the Bible. Use the world and science, The Catholic Church developed science to prove the existence of GOD in the world which He created. In all fairness, I never asked the last two questions.


This isn’t logically possible. As such, it’s not logically possibly to disprove Islam either. There is equal logical backing that islam is the true religion and correctly worships god.

It’s alright. With the obvious knowledge that you have nothing to back up your view of the cause of homosexuality, I’ma bow out here. We’re way too far apart to continue discussing without me being disrespectful. Accusing the parents/guardians of homosexuals of abuse with nothing to substantiate it is too juicy of bait.


I’m glad you took what I was saying as a joke ; ) I think of Bam Bam as a poor excuse of a human and he is worse than even ol’ Billy Bob Clinton!


Nah man, you always ask (might have been someone else, I don’t remember exactly what I type and too who) but instead please tell me your thoughts with all your evidence.


And your argument is you insult. Nice discussion, or lack there of ; )


You don’t make your dog mind and I want to guess he lost his testicles years ago, but he might not have. I am not an animal behaviorist but I know the behavior comes from reproduction and it has roots from domination in the species. But I know I can be wrong and I’m happy to admit that when I am shown evidence.


As a heads up and to hopefully help the issue from here on out…

A core principle of debate is that the burden of proof is with the person making the statement. It’s not really good form to say something unsupported and then simply tell people “Prove me wrong.”

If I say, “I can deadlift 725 pounds. And my dog understands Mandarin. Also, I killed three people last Halloween. Prove any of those aren’t true.” That’s illogical, disingenuous, lazy, and disrespectful.

You’re absolutely allowed to state whatever you want as an opinion. But, in the context of discussing a topic, if the other party in the conversation asks why you’re saying what you say or asks for any evidence to support your opinion, sidestepping their request with “You should just try to prove me wrong” or ignoring their request altogether is not an appropriate response. If anything, it works counterproductively by weakening your own argument.


I took a Krav Maga class with a dude who had a Rosary tattooed around his neck. The symbolism was awesome to me ; )


I cannot tell you where every rank of every institution comes from, but I was told that militaries pulled the idea from the ranks in Heaven. He was a lieutenant berg coronal and a Catholic so that probably means something to some people.


Christ and sin cannot coexist. Like water and oil, they can’t mix. They can be in close proximity, but you can’t tie the two together.

Human beings are a different matter. Our natural state is sinful. That is why Saints are celebrated because most were sinful, found GOD and led lives of virtue after their conversion.

GOD hates all sin by the way.


I think you have no idea what you are talking about, and are completely making up your idea that homosexual’s are a product of abuse. Alternatively, you may not be making it up and might be parroting more fringe ideas from the websites you read.


Thanks for helping me become better Chris. You are right about making random assertions.

In my defense though I wasn’t being lazy, disingenuous, or illogical. I was simply trying to get thought instead of attacks. The best way I have found to learn and teach is by asking questions. Now that is hard and my ignorance might rear its ugly head.

But thank you for your advice Chris!


Of the homosexuals I have talked to, when they are relaxed, open and honest, many of them talk about sexual trauma with a few that had rough childhoods from an overbearing, dominate parent. Is my sample size in the thousands, or even hundreds, nope. But I know this is my view of the people I talk to.

It makes sense to me. A guy is abused sexually by another guy and how does that effect him the rest of his life? Does he become a healthy adult while getting no help from his trauma? How does his family treat him? I know my family never had those kind of conversations and it sure didn’t help that my parents separated when I was three and finally later when I was thirteen. My brother had major trauma just from the divorce. A child that has been abused has to be mentally messed up.


How many homosexuals are we talking about?


Good call


Yep. However, mentally messed up =/= homosexual.

Based off of how you have conducted yourself in this thread, I’m guessing your circle doesn’t include very many people who are homosexual. I wouldn’t be around someone who thought I was an abomination.

But thank you for confirming that your theory was just something you made up. Sounds about right.


I understand the point you’re trying to make. However, aside from not actually answering my question, your point is inaccurate because of one key contradiction: according to the Catechism, the Pope = Christ. Therefore, how can the Pope be Christ all the while refusing to acknowledge the pedophilia in his Church when God and sin cannot be anywhere near each other?