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The Catholic Thread


Bible math.

The sins of the father will be visited on the sons sevenfold.

Using that, say that your pap was 5% gay. Like he just looked at a couple of guys and had a dirty thought or two.

Then he has a kid. That kid is gonna be 35% gay. That’s like blowjob on a business trip gay.

Then he has a kid. That kid is going to be 245% gay. Since its bible magic math, he’s 100%, one other random person gets another 100% and someone else ends up 45%.

It all goes back to before science yadayadayada poof! That’s how the gay happens.


I try to be the social-con people hate to love.


Popes are not considered infallible.


Only on matters of faith. One would think that preventing the further raping little boys is a matter of faith and decency.


liftangryordie500, I will just address your two bullet points because they are your main points you brought to the table -

  1. At the Last Supper Christ literally said “This IS My Body” and because Christ gave that same power to His Apostles, the priests of today have Apostolic succession and share they also share the same gifts.

  2. You are right the Pope represents Christ on earth but actually ALL Catholics of the world are called to represent Christ. Specifically the pope is in the Chair of Peter, His head of the Church on earth. The pope has to speak infallibly only when he says he is speaking infallibly, not everything he says in infallible.

Hope this helps clear things up for you, let me know what else you want me what other area you want to address because there are quite a few misunderstandings in your post ; )


So what makes someone a homosexual H_factor? Where does it come from? Please provide evidence supporting your claim.


And where do we have an account of this being said? Aside from the fact that this could have been a misconstrued statement not meant to be taken literally, how many people actually heard him say that other than the 12 Apostles with him; who could have easily forgotten what happened at the event when they wrote accounts of it years later?

My point, to make it clear, was not that the pope admitted fault within the Vatican, but that he refuses to acknowledge the sex scandal going on within the Church today. I, as well as a lot of other people, would assume that raping little boys doesn’t jive well with the Catholic Faith. Hence, the Pope, IMHO, should have at least spoken on it and pledged to uncover the corrupt priests within the Church.


Have you provided evidence of your claim anywhere upthread that I missed? Would be interested to see it


You are right H_factor, The Catholic Church has a homosexual priest problem. I have never said anything contrary to that statement. The rape victims I have talked with were mostly outside the death chambers of America but that is another discussion ; )


I am really glad you figured it out SkyzykS! If you actually present that to the world, you could end up with a Nobel Peace Prize like Barry “Bam Bam”; Obama and you two could chum it up for years!! I am jealous man jajajaja ; )


Literally from the end of your gif; “he defines a doctrine.” Not just any other time.


My theory is that many homosexual people were sexually abused and/or had extremely controlling and abusive parents. A blanket statement for every case is impossible to be correct for every single case.


Is this your way of saying you have no evidence to back up your claim? Cuz it’s a pretty disgusting accusation to levy against the parents/guardians/etc of homosexuals if you have absolutely nothing to back it up


Blame the medium, I do ; )

I will simply condense my response though.

What other mammalian species of the world have the same homosexual behavior, especially at the current rate of the human population?


Blaming the parents is something I have never done, nor will I. I said before that homosexual people deserve compassion, respect and love.


So you believe

Do you have any evidence to back this up?

It’s a simple yes/no


Lol. Such a strong argument. Has the same weight as my all rapists are Catholic idea. I mean it’s my theory.

It’s not a theory but a law that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Go dip your head in a river so you don’t burn for all eternity by the loving deity.


You never tell me your thoughts where I have always provided mine. That s not how a discussion works. Or maybe you have not been paying attention previously.


Where is your argument?


I didn’t post a gif. What are you talking about?