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The Catholic Thread



Cuz society says so. Apologies they keep forgetting to consult with you


Wild. Is this marriage to anyone that one desires, or just marriage to someone? How is the partner selected, if someone wants to exercise this right without a wiling partner?



Hopefully carefully. But more often than not, alcohol also plays a part


Yes. See, society defines what is a right. If I can get society to agree with me again, then no rights will be infringed upon.


If we’re to be consistent, sure. To any number, or arrangement, of consenting adults despite the presence or lack of romantic feelings or presence or absence of sexual activity. Marriage is a vehicle for the expression of individuality. Not a crucial institution which exists to serve society.


Obviously singles should be allowed to adopt marriage status as a consenting adults. Marriage needn’t mean 2+. That’s unophobic. Polyarchal. Yeah. I’ll be back for more, gotta run out briefly.


To be considered a “right,” I would think it’s enforceable against others. You single, straight guys better hope that a gay guy doesn’t decide he want to marry you. Because he has a right to do so. You can’t deny him his right. You gay guys better hope no woman wants to marry you. Because they have that right. You can’t deny them their rights.


I would add slightly more; I would give them compassion, respect and love ; )


Luckily, the way you would think it’s enforceable isn’t backed up by reality.

(Fully admitting I dodged a bullet there, gay guys like me way more than women ever did)


Oh I am not trying to intentionally avoid or being ignorant. However I know different people think the purpose of marriage is different, hence I asked you for clarification, I never said I was not going to answer, jajajaja. Instead of giving clarification you actively avoid defending your question, let alone ask the question in a different way.

Without providing your clarification, here is my reason/s. There are many reasons for heterosexual couples to marry. Outside of a Catholic marriage; marriage in America and societies of the world, heck even throughout history, marriage’s primary purpose is to produce future citizens who will create revenue so taxes can be collected. Raising citizens means they have to be happy, healthy, well adjusted people. Look at other unhealthy behaviors like abusive relationships if you want to see what will happen to the children of those parents. If the father or mother is abusive either physically and/or emotionally, how many children either intentionally or unintentionally create the same behavior when they become adults? Please provide any evidence that children raised by a homosexual couple do NOT act the same way as their adopted parents the vast majority of the time. And I will come back again and again, how many mammalian species of the world have homosexual individuals that pair bond? Even one couple in recorded history? Do you even wonder why?


So marriage is NOT a right? What part of marriage IS a right?

Having a right to life means that no one can justly take your life(outside of certain scenarios in which you forfeit such a right-by taking, or unreasonably threatening, someone else’s, for the most part).

Having a right to liberty means that no one can take your liberty, or enslave you(outside of certain scenarios in which you forfeit your right).

Having a right to property means that no one can take your property(outside of certain scenarios in which you forfeit your right).

Having a right to marriage would seem to mean that no one can deny you marriage. There can be no “right” to marriage, because such a right imposes demands on another.


Clarification you can easily achieve with Google. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but explaining the societal differences to someone who clearly never cared about knowing them before (or you’d know them) feels like a supreme waste of time.

Are you able to provide information saying kids adopted by gay people are more likely to be gay? Because you’re asking me to provide evidence to refute a claim you’re yet to support.

Nope, it is. Per society.

The way it seems to you would be incorrect. Feel free to let google enlighten you on how proposals work.



No he was not and tons of homosexuals exist who weren’t victims of abuse. Even those getting raped by your priests don’t always grow up to be homosexuals. So stop parroting bullshit on this.


Winning answer. Well done as usual.


You being downright obtuse but that would be your choice. I asked for YOUR definition because I am trying to have an actual discussion with YOU, not society. Do you really think everyone looks to google to define phrases for them?

As a quick aside; the simple fact you recommend google is telling because google builds profiles on you, they determine what information you should and should not know, they are VERY, VERY liberal and they watch you. Who else watches you, like the creepiest person you can think of? Pedophiles. Your choice of search engine is creepy in my opinion but you will attack me for my opinion, jajajaja. Typical liberal behavior. Can you explain why that would be?

But I do not follow society and you are insecure with actually helping me learn. But I am cool with whatever and you have shown me zero evidence to why my position is wrong.

Give me a bit of time. As a stay-at-home father, I care about the children I brought into this world more than providing evidence for you. But as a quick note, can you provide evidence showing me that the vast number of people who abuse their partners, alcoholics, etc., do not learn the various behaviors from their parents/role models? Secondly, how does debate work again? I have to provide my evidence when you have shown a panel/judge/third party your evidence which supports your claim and proves my assessment/case wrong. I never took debate in high school or college but I honestly thought that was how it worked. I should not have to defend every claim I make just because you want me to.


Apologies, I thought you were asking me what things in society gay people lose out on if unable to get married.

Can you repost your actual question, I must have lost it in the shuffle

It should be telling that Google is a great way to see what you’re able to do once the govt labels you ‘married.’

Feel free to use Bing instead. I don’t mind in the slighest.

Fwiw, ‘google it’ is a very common phrase for ‘look it up yourself’

That’s another thing you’re asking me to defend when you haven’t made the point yet. If you’d like to back it up, I’m happy to review and see if I agree. As of now you’re just tossing out blanket statements and asking me to disprove them

You don’t have to defend anything. But until such a time that you’re defending your claim with something, why would I waste time refuting it?


I have never made any of the claims you say that I did. Have you asked your family member when he was completely honest? Does he remember before he was four? How many homosexuals have you talked to or even read about? And the people raped by priests all have massive problems, but that would not fit into your narrative so you do not actually bring it up.

Where does homosexuality come from H-factor?


I was raised in a fairly Catholic household, I currently attend a Catholic HS, and I also went to a Baptist elementary/middle school for 4 years. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what the Bible says, and the fact of the matter is that Catholics lack a defense of all the extra books they have thrown in the Bible when they use their verses to defend Catholicism > Protestantism.

I’m just saying - Catholic doesn’t necessarily equal Christian, and Christian doesn’t necessarily equal Catholic. There are some very key differences between the two faiths, including but not limited to:

  1. Transubstantiation — otherwise known as the belief in the literal morphing of bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Jesus (which I personally don’t believe. Receiving the Eucharist is a nice symbol of faith, but I really don’t think it’s necessary to consume. I say this because the wafers to be blessed, according to the Cathechism, must contain some amount of wheat, and being a Celiac, if I consume the host I will be in a lot of pain).

  2. The existence of the Pope, who literally represents Christ on earth. Now, either God is evil (which I don’t think is true), or that’s a load of bullshit, considering how popes are considered to be completely infallible regarding matters of faith. One would think that not raping little boys is a matter of faith, but apparently the Pope doesn’t deem it necessary to even discuss.

A lot of facts are coming out now against the institutions we basically took for granted as being decent even 20 years ago (the Vatican/Catholic Church, news stations, Hollywood producers, etc.). I believe that a lot of people’s opinions are going to be swayed considerably in the coming decades, and that this is going to set a precedent for how future generations think (much like what happened to our generation vs. the generation of yesteryear regarding prejudice and racism).


Yes he wasn’t abused just like tons of homosexuals who grew up in loving families without abuse. And what about the heterosexuals who are abused and grow up heterosexual.

I’ve probably talked to more homosexuals than you. After all I’m not of the belief they are going to burn in hell for all eternity for who they are attracted to. But to think all homosexuals are “created” by abuse is pretty fucking dumb.

Where do homosexuals come from? They come from a dude who created the Earth and took out a rib or something to make people and then had a super hero son who died but had super powers like walking on water and getting people drunk from water. You can’t see him or talk to him but you can drink his blood and eat his flesh because cannibalism is cool. You can do this in a place where a bunch of kids get raped by people who tell them to believe in this.

Luckily a lot of people who are raised in this madness figure out that fairy tales aren’t real but some grow up to keep believing (and possibly raping) in magic.


Most rapes are a product of Catholicism. It’s fun to just say stuff isn’t it? Have you talked to many rape victims? It may have happened when they were really young so they may not remember it was a Catholic.

Talking out our ass rocks huh?