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The Catholic Thread


If people can create, like we supposedly create evil, then are people just like God since only God can create?

And the Church does not teach that homosexuality is an abomination, that’s just someone betraying their hateful attitude toward homosexuals.


False. Explain my cousin who grew up with two loving parents and four great siblings and he is the only one who is gay.

Stop spewing this bullshit.

This is way more idiotic and baseless than believing the Flying Spaghetti Monster created you.




Sounds like you cannot make a counterargument. If GOD would not allow evil choices, where is the free will? If people want to live according to the directions of GOD, choice has to be allowed for good and bad options. (I am guessing Ofc means-of course but please correct me if I am wrong)

Let us look at Isaiah 45:7 -
“I form the light and create darkness,
" I bring prosperity and create disaster;
" I, the Lord, do all these things.”

It says I form light… then create darkness. Two different words. Then it says I cause prosperity (well being), and create calamity (translated evil). By forming light, darkness became a possibility. Darkness exists because God formed light. Notice he didn’t form light and form darkness. He formed light. Darkness was created as a possibility because of that. He causes well being. CAUSES it. He is directly responsible for it. Because he caused well being, disaster (calamity) is a possibility. Evil exists as a possibility because God made something good.

As an interesting side note, the word ‘and create’ has a root for choice. Free-will makes that very possibility a reality. Darkness can exist because something can get in the way of light. Evil can exist because something can get in the way of good.

I told you above, there are only two people on this earth where I care about their opinions of me. Even if the majority of Catholics were to say support abortion through all nine-and-a-half months of pregnancy, I am still going to be vehemently opposed to the barbaric actions.

A larger percent of Catholics support gay marriage than those who opposed the unnatural act. Being gay is intrinsically disordered. A gay person is not only called to live a chaste life but their very thinking is fundamentally disconnected from the natural process of the world. Now this is a teaching of the Catholic Church and the majority of people in the Church disagree with the teaching. Do you think a teaching from the Bride of Christ, who is protected by Christ can be wrong? The people in the Church are fallible, but the Church cannot be wrong.

I am not sure what you are asking. For example, can a politician support gay unnatural "marriage while being Catholic in good standing? Is that where you are going?


Your cousin could have not been abused outside of the home and loving family?


So you opposed gay marriage on both equality grounds and spiritual grounds?

Like when the church sponsored the crusades?

I’m asking if you agree gays should be able to enter the societal legal contract that gives them the same legal rights as married couples, without going through Catholic marriage.


I am opposed to gay unnatural “marriage” because you cannot change the definition of a word. In addition, the behavior is not replicated in any species of the mammalian world, yet humans are supposed to not only accept an abnormal action, but even celebrate and protect the disordered behavior? Well I do not and I am scared for what society will accept next as normal. Probably bestiality because people love their dog more than anything.

Not really sure what you are asking here.

What unique rights are they given by this societal contract?



I’ma bow out here. If you’re not even aware of the societal implications of marriage at this point, you’ve been intentionally avoiding it or actively choosing ignorance.

Either way, have a good one


No. Just wanted to chime in with my answer.


It’s rough to oppose basic equality in today day and age. Despite not being able to disagree with you less, I appreciate the response :+1:


It certainty hasn’t been easy, let me tell you.


I’m curious, what would you do if your son or daughter said they were gay?


Love them.


Not what I expected based on your previous answer regarding marriage or a legal contract to give them equal rights.


Understood. I oppose state recognition of gay marriage, yet I would love them.


I’m a bit confused on how you approach this. You would love them, but not want them to have equal rights?

My idea of love includes wanting the best for them in their life, and enabling them to have the same opportunities as others.


That is correct.


Huh, that makes no sense to me but I appreciate your honesty.


No problem, and thanks for the civility.


Marriage is a right?