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The Catholic Thread

So with the Catholic Church that is in, what I think of as its fourth heresy, I think a "Catholic Thread" is in order. Heck if you want to challenge me in my Faith or even a question about why I believe, or anything related Catholic; post it here. Or you can just challenge me ; )

To start with, I am just a lay Catholic man. I don’t have any advanced degrees in the religion but I was raised Catholic. I left the Faith when I was seventeen and returned nearly a decade later. However I am far stronger and much more informed than I used to be.

To start things off, here is a Louder with Crowder. As an internet blog, I have always found myself liking the videos from Steven Crowder. He seems to try and meet people where they are at and have discussions. It also helps that I agree on every topic I have heard him talk about.

Here is the YouTube link -

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Why do they rape so many children?


Catholicism is actually run by a large diety-lite spider.

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After this recent development in Pa, I no longer doubt that.

The whole damn organization should be listed on the Megan’s Law website.


To be fair Catholics really aren’t that bad if you just ignore all of the things that separate them from the other sects of Christianity.


Do you (any catholic’s out there) believe that you are actually eating the the body and blood of Christ when you take communion? Do you believe it is possible to change that state of any other matter in the universe using words alone, or does it only apply to wine/bread when a priest does it?

Oh, and I second the rape question. Is there any other profession that has such a tendency to molest children?

I think its those goofy mumbly hymns. They need to enunciate better.

Picture this- guy is sitting there during a service. The mumbly hymns start. He’s hung over and not listening very closely. All he’s getting is " ohhh mumbleybumbly sacrum megundo diooooooo…".

Then clear as a bell " Fuck that little kid in his face mumblyjumbly scopo mumbo mi diooooooo". Right back to the mumbling.

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Or work so actively to cover it up and continue doing it.


I noticed over the last few years the school girls don’t wear tarty kilts anymore. What was ever the deal with that anyway? I spoke to one who said all the nuns are lesbians.

the Catholic church should be liquidated of its assets.

  1. Yes.
  2. Teachers? Gymnastics coaches?

Chalk up another reason.

Goddamn cannibals

I don’t think this thread was in order. You believe in God. Ok, do you want a cookie or something?

And since you admit you are uneducated on the subject, why should anyone ask you anything?

You shut up right meow. He went through all the trouble to give us a place to take pot shots at Catholics. Don’t go ruining it with your logic n shit. That’s not welcome here anyways.

I was an altar boy. That means I outrank anyone here in the Catholic hierarchy who isn’t a ped…I mean priest.


That actually cracked me up.

Don’t knock it 'till ya tried it bud … that used to be my favorite part of Mass, that dry, bland wafer and a swig of backwashed, shitty red wine … mm mmm … healthy diet for any growing boy

He already gets a cookie … it’s called communion

because there are those of you who are even LESS educated on the matter (not you specifically - you in general … with the qualifier of being LESS educated than him on the matter)

This … makes a lot of sense


I was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic school for a couple years.



I went from secular to Catholic. I was sold on the wafers.

So you’re an ascetic

Yea man … I don’t miss those things.

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You take that back!