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The Case of the EX

Ok…here’s a question. Would your get pissed off if one of your ex’s tried to get with your best friend??

Nah, more power to them. Reminds me of the Joke where the guy found out his best friend was doing his wife. He calls him up and says “Damm, Bill I have to, But you?”


I’d be a little pissed at the ex- but the an ex is an ex, so don’t waste your mental energy on them. I’d really be pissed at my friend if he went for it…it’s just one of those rules that shouldn’t be broken. Especially if there are any uncomfortable feelings with your ex, and you’d have to face that person frequently as an adjunct to your best friend. Sounds like there might be some chance your ex is just trying to piss you off and mess with your psyche.

Would I? or Should I? two differant questions and the answers are yes and no. I shouldn’t but I fucking A would.

If your friend does hook up with her ask him how your balls taste. Then tell him real dirty shit about the bitch

I wouldn’t be surprised, because my best friend is an awesome person. I would however be really pissed off if she took him up on it. (She never ever would, so it’s a moot point)

Can’t be pissed at your buddy, as you can’t turn down sex if you’re a dude, unless of course this is your ex-wife.

Now if she parades around in front of you with your buddy I would probably have to take some skanks home and make sure she sees it. Plus you get to fuck skanks.

It’s happened to me, and no, I didn’t get pissed off. If I’ve ex-ed her, she’s gone as far as I’m concerned (I mean romantically). Depending on how close you and your friend are (i.e., how much time you spend together) and how weirded out the other two in the equation are, it might lead to some awkwardness, though. But for me, personally? No.

Chances are, if she’s my ex my best friend wouldn’t like her much and it wouldn’t matter. And he wouldn’t be my best friends if he did get with her…unless we ran a train on her.

Cold, brother…REAL cold!!! (LOL!!!)

THAT is some funny stuff!!!



Just had to answer. Married my ex’s best friend. They are still friends. In fact I originally did it to piss off my ex who was cheating on me while I was deployed. I was honest with my now wife and who would have thought I would fall in love. My wife did ask her freind though if it was OK to date me first and she said it was no problem.

There is an unwritten rule that says friends shouldn’t date people you’ve been with. Besides, it’s kinda weird don’t you think? I mean, if I was having sex with one girl and now my friend was with her and having sex, don’t you think that would be kind of odd?

What’s wrong with you guys?
Half of the world’s population are women -they all have sex once in a while. The choise isn’t hard: go for somebody other than your friends ex…
Or are you all having such a hard time getting laid? Use your hand for christ sake.
I fell the saying is true. Friends are the family you get to choose, honor your family…

How does anyone explain a sense of ownership over a person they are not involved with? That makes less sense to me than a sense of ownership over a person they are involved with. I know I am way outnumbered here, but I just don’t get it. I’ve had this discussion with a handful of close friends and they all feel the way you guys do, but no one ever comes up with a rational explanation. It’s always like tinman said with “I shouldn’t but I would be pissed.” Can anyone help me out?

I guess it is all a matter of unresolved feelings towards your former lover.
I for one will always love my ex. I just don’t desire her, and I know our personalities do not compliment each other.
Some people have the strength to let go and hope that somebody else will be good enough for their former lover: but deep down inside everybody knows nobody will be good enough! In fact very admirable that you cherish somebody so much that you can not find anybody good enough…

It has nothing to do with ownership. I’ve had a friend of mine once ask me if I was cool with him dating someone I had already dated. I didn’t care because I didn’t like her anyway. But ultimately, she came between our friendship because she didn’t want him hanging out with me anymore. So I ended up losing a good friend. And she later broke his heart, took and sold his dog and then met someone else and got married! It didn’t bother me that he dated her, but it sucks that we are no longer friends. And it’s just weird being with someone that your friend has been with. I mean, me and some of my friends all slept with one girl in the same two-day span, but she was a slut and we all knew it, so it was all good! LOL!

Yes, I would be pissed/uncomfortable with it. And eventually it would change and come between the friendship. Unwritten rule and just how I would feel deep down, right or wrong.

I know it is wrong in a way -but being with somebody your friend has been with just does’t feel right.
I mean she will be comparing me and my friend in very intimate situations…
Plus when 2 people have sex it is always very intimate in some way…

If it’s not a feeling of ownership, then what is it? Uncomfortableness? Why? Can anyone explain that part? If you have no feelings, or have negative feelings, toward your ex - why would you give a shit what they do with whomever? If you still have romantic love feelings toward them, you have to resolve those or you’ll not move on in life. If you have platonic love feelings toward them, wouldn’t you want them to be happy - with whomever they chose?

I know that like KC said, it’s just how people feel deep down. I guess I’m the freak here in that I don’t feel like that deep down. I have been with someone that a friend was with. I didn’t know it at the time, but found out later. It didn’t make any difference with how I felt about either party or the act itself. It didn’t come between anything or cause anything. I also know that some of my other friends would positively freak out if I fucked one of their ex’s. So I won’t out of respect for their feelings, not because I agree with them.

In your scenario, it wasn’t you or your friend that flipped out - it was the chick (surpise surpise). And your friend fucked up by putting a piece of ass before a friend. It wasn’t the act that came between things, it was her being a bitch and his being a pussy. Perhaps it has more to do with how other people react to things than with how you react to things or what the act has to do with anything.