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The Case Against Israel's Enemies


Professor of Law at Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz will soon be publishing a book entitled 'The Second Six Million'. The central premise will be that, whilst the United Nations Human Rights Council(which comprises Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Cuba, China and until recently Libya(!) have been obsessively 'investigating' Israel's alleged 'war crimes', 6 Million people have been killed in religious/ethnic genocide and much of those in the aforementioned member states of the UNHRC.

So while the world stands around criticising Israel(and America) for killing terrorists 6 million people have been wiped out in places like the Sudan.


Nobody cares what goes on out there, be it in Africa or Asia. Nobody would care what goes on in Israel either if jews did not exercise disproportionate power, making people think that the sandbox of Israel encompasses more humanity and land than Europe combined. The jews have a large voice and they voice it a lot. Their actions affect the lives of europeans and americans. The actions of the sudanese etc. have no significance. I don't see any evidence of Israel caring for those tragedies. It's just diversion. Sometimes jews may seem to care about the problems of foreign nations, but it tends to do with weakening the whites (if any) of those nations so that they can take over and destroy their competition, like when South Africa was painted as 'evil' and was actually thriving.


I'll add only this: We have the exact WRONG President in power to protect anything related to Israel. And I hope that all of the liberal Jewish people who helped elect this disgraceful President wake up and help us make a change in 2012.


You know the problem? Israel and its surroundings have money and nobody and nothing in Sudan does anymore.


"Nobody cares what goes on out there"

  • Exactly. Whislt the Arab colonialists in the Sudan run the slave trade and send out the Janjaweed for regular genocidal rampages against the indigenous black population, 'liberals' and 'progressives' whine about some suicide bomber's neighbors who got killed in Israel.

"Nobody would care what goes on in Israel either if jews did not exercise disproportionate power"

  • Arabs in Israel have ALL the same rights as Jews including parliamentary representation. They even have Arab supreme court judges. If Jews exercise more influence it's due to merit not some conspriracy.

"Sometimes jews may seem to care about the problems of foreign nations, but it tends to do with weakening the whites (if any) of those nations so that they can take over and destroy their competition"

  • Is that from Mein Kampf or the Protocols of Zion? Weakening the whites? You sad man.

"like when South Africa was painted as 'evil' and was actually thriving"

  • South Africa was painted as 'evil' by the same left-wing political perverts who paint Israel as 'evil' and call it an 'apartheid state'. South Africa now has the highest murder rate in the world and after the ANC purged the upper echelons of the Police force of the white 'racists', the criminal conviction rate is now less than 3%. Also, practices like raping babies as a 'cure for AIDS', once supressed by the white 'racists' are now back in force. And thanks to the enlightened leadership of ANC 'freedom fighters' like Robert Mugabe SA now has its own 'border protection problems'. Don't see how this comparison helps your case.

  • Lastly, if this matters, I'm not one of the evil Jews conspiring from Bilderberg to 'weaken the whites'. I'm 100% white, Christian and can trace my ancestors back more than 10 generations on the paternal side and 7 generations on the maternal. No 'tainted blood' here, unlike your source Mr Schickelgruber who did so much good for 'the whites' in Europe that by the time he blew his brains out 8 million + Germans had died not to mention the other European 'whites' whom he had 'liberated' from 'the Jews'.


Don't bother SexMachine. Alffi is one twisted anti-semitic and pro "white power" motherfucker. He's been that way for a while and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Just put him on your ignore list.


Sudan doesn't have money 'anymore'? When did it? For a quick description of the history of the Sudan read the first chapter of Churchill's 'The River War'.

I can see you're very ignorant on the subject so I don't see why you are expressing an opinon on something you know nothing about. Israel is surrounded by the Arab world that owns 70%+ of the world's current oil reserves. They contribute nothing to aid their Arab brothres in Palestine except weapons to kill Jews. The United States and Israel pump billions of dollars of aid and money annunaly into places like Gaza/WB which the so-called Palestinians use to buy anti-personel rockets and build polo clubs in their...erm...refugee camps. Please fight the temptation to respond as I'm only interested in discussing this with people who, whilst they may disagree with me, at least have some basic knowledge on the subject.

For anyone interested here's a short video showing the Gazan 'refugee camp' replete with mansions and polo clubs funded largely by the American tax payer:


Kill them all, or if that bothers you, find a more palatable solution.


You know what the real problem with this issue is? There is un-excusable slaughter of humanity happening as a result of every side giving an opinion about this, and for this reason it's nearly impossible to find un-biased information about it.

Another problem is, people have an idea of ownership over the land and they think that their right to the land is more important than someone else's life. I don't understand that. If someone wanted to take my land, to the point of bloodshed, I would move or join them. It's simply not worth it.


Let me get this straight. We(i.e. United States and Western democracies) share equal responsibility for the FIVE unprovoked wars that were launched against Israel, the Iranian hostage crisis, the truck bombing of US Marine barracks in the Lebanon, the East Africa Embassy bombings, the world trade centre truck bombing, 9/11, the London 7/7 attacks, the Bali bombings, the Jakarta bombings, the Madrid subway bombings, the suicide bombings/rockets/rampages in Israel, the Beslan school massacre, the Mumbai attacks and the daily beheadings and torture-murders of 'Infidels' because we have been 'giving an opinion about this'?

Let me try to understand your next point. If a hostile enemy wants to invade your country with the stated purpose of exterminating your ethnic group, you should hand your country over to them and somehow resettle your entire population somewhere else so nobody gets hurt?



Two words: Allen West.


Some people are willing to die to protect what they have worked for.

If I wanted to make you my slave for 25 hours a week, for the next 20 years, and I was willing to be extremely violent about it, would you fight? What if I was a kind master and just made you work in my fields for those 25 hours?

I invested 25 hours a week, for the last 20 years, in mortgage payments on my home. And if somebody takes that, I have worked all those years for nothing. If it was my fault, then I might be able to stomach the loss. Otherwise....


Uhh, so the palestinian farmers and others who farmed the land Israel took after WWII don't count? I just don't understand why the indigenous people of that land had to pay the price for white european guilt. Those people are still pissed off and the Arab leaders fan the flames to make it a political issue.

/sarcasm on
Its hard work to pull off that colonial sh*t these days, you know with TV, newspapers, internet and such.
/sarcasm off




It has nothing to do with "land," that's B.S. ginned up to give some sort of credibility to people who are not familiar with the facts.

There is a certain strain of Islam that teaches it is OK to kill Jewish people.

It doesn't matter where we live or exist.


The Allies should have carved out a nice big section of Germany after WWII and created a Jewish state there. Maybe some of Austria too.


You've just hit the nail on the head. And most Americans sheltered by pc thinking just absolutely DO NOT understand this.


The land that is Israel was occupied by Jewish people long before WWII. The land was fairly purchased from the owners in Turkey, Syria, etc. It was overwhelmingly empty desert.

Judea, Samaria, and east Jeruslam became occupied by arabs when Jordan (using Nazi trained troops) killed and expelled the Jewish citizens.

Oh, and the majority of Jewish immigrants did not come from Europe --- they were expelled from basically every surrounding muslim nation, en masse, in an attempt at ethnic cleansing --- the same nations that bitch about Israel now. They came to Israel with the clothes on their backs.



Vienna had about 25% Jewish residents, it is shocking how much the standards in some professions have dropped since they are gone.


Did Palestinians live on that land yes or no? I get the whole "You don't know the REAL story" argument but it doesn't matter what the REAL story is if no one knows or believes it. That's like saying, we GAVE the Indians fresh blankets (FACT) and they were happy for it! Oh we compensated some people for their land, they have a nice big pad in Gaza right now, its all good. Lol. I mean, to build a state in a sea of Arab countries and not think "We might run into some issues with this whole thing..." is being either incredibly naive or arrogant.