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The Carbolin 19 Results Thread

I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am fed up of reading through pages and pages and pages of Carbolin 19 related threads to find out what kind of results people are getting.

Therefore, I am creating this “RESULTS” thread.

PLEASE don’t let it ride off into the sunset and end up on page 5 of the supps forum by tomorrow.

If you have used Carbolin 19 (positive or negative results alike), please help us all out by posting your results as follows:

weeks of use:
starting weight:
end weight:
any strength increases:


any additional comments:
(such as appetite/leanness/body comp etc as I realise this supp is geared more towards recomposition than PURE MASS!)

More info is needed on the REAL LIFE effectiveness of this supplement! I am sure I speak for many people when I plead: HELP US OUT!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just posted in the “summer case study” thread:

And here it is (hope you don’t mind me posting it in here - I wanna get this thing going!):

[quote]Gorgeous wrote:
I just recently finished my 2nd bottle of Carbolin 19.

On non-workout days I took 1 pill twice daily as instructed.

On training days I took the max dose of 2, twice daily.

I never felt different… Which was disappointing to some degree since I remember a quote once saying “it felt like real gear” …though I wouldn’t know what that feels like anyway.

So my body comp… As advertised, I didn’t gain weight more than I should, and my weight gain actually slowed a bit. My lifts are still going up, but no faster than they were before. My body fat appears to have dropped during this time.

All in all it looks like I have gained lean mass and lost some fat.

Was it the results I was hoping for? Not really. Can I say without a doubt that it is responsible for my gains/fat-loss? Not really.

Maybe it’s one of those things where I should be ordering 5 bottles at a time and not judging the product until I’ve been on it a year… But I think there are other products (other Biotest products even) that may be a better choice for my next purchase.

I’m interested to see what the original poster’s thoughts are on this.[/quote]

What’s up all, I was the original poster on the “Summer Case Study” thread. I stopped posting on that thread because it turned into me just having a conversation with myself, but I will cover my results here. Cliff-notes at the end of my post for the impatient:

I actually had documented my results and took before/after photos but lost them in a computer format, which is unfortunate to say the least, however I do believe that the supplement does work.

From what I remember I ended up gaining upwards of 6 to 8 pounds in the 12 weeks I was using the supplement. By that time in my life I had my diet dialed in and knew how to manipulate my bodyweight however, so the supplement had no part in my weight gain, but I do believe it helped me gain more muscle and less fat than I normally would have.

Compared to previous months and the months that followed my case study, I would say that the Carbolin 19 did help fend off fat gains, which is nice for me because I tend to gain fat easily. That was probably the biggest effect the supp had on me.

Would I use it again… If it was a little cheaper I might. I’m a cheap bastard and I definitely don’t think I got 120 dollars worth of “effect” out of it. As stated previously, I do think it did something though.

Having said that I would be very interested in hearing someone who had used the new Alpha Male for an extended period of time. In my opinion a supplement is pretty worthless if taken for less than 12 to 16 weeks, so if you only used one bottle don’t bother telling me your results.

I think that the extra 20 bucks for Alpha Male would be worth it, considering all of the anecdotal stories I have heard on this board about its effects on libido and whatnot.

Sooooo… Let me cliff-note all of that and try and make it a little more clear:

-I do believe that Carbolin 19 works, as do other FFB’s on this board. It seems to get positive reviews from this segment of the population. Skinny-Bastards should probably save their money for steak and eggs.

-The main effect it SEEMED to have was that it helped minimize fat gains on my bulk. It definitely did not shed fat while building muscle… but that was just in my body and I wasn’t expecting that to happen anyway.

-If money was not a big issue, I would chose Alpha Male rather than Carbolin 19 due to the other extracts in the product which, at least anecdotally and some clinically(Longfolia for sure), have been reported to work.

Dave??? You still here? Anyone else have any results or testimonials?

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
Dave??? You still here? Anyone else have any results or testimonials?[/quote]

Yep Lonnie still here. I thought this would be more popular… I find it hard to believe that there aren’t more people out there who have used Carbolin 19.

With the anavar claims I thought more noise would have been made about it’s effectiveness. Maybe it’s nothing to get excited about after all…

I think a lot of people have posted results in other threads with similar titles that were around about the time when Carbolin 19 first came out. If you haven’t done a search already, you might find more information on results there.

However, if i remember correctly a lot of the posts were along the lines of, “I didn’t control for everything, but I think it worked well.” In cases like that, it is difficult to attribute much of an effect to a supplement when there could have been several other confounding factors at work.

I fall into that same category. I have used it in the past, and am currently using it now, but I am not consistent enough with removing other variables to be able to say it works or doesn’t with any certainty. In the past I felt it allowed me to gain weight without putting on excess fat, which is why i have started using again recently.

I’ve experienced the same. I get leaner and more vascular when using Carbolin19 even if I’m eating significantly above maintenance level.

Improved recovery is another nice benefit from Carbolin19.

It’s a solid product, just don’t expect MAG-10 gains over a couple weeks of use.

I took the stuff from January through March of this year. I have to say, though, that I also learned to eat at the same time. But anyway, I gained twenty pounds in that time period. Lifts went up like gangbusters.

Then I stopped using, changed my workout routine and kept the same diet. That resulted in a screeching halt in strength and body weight gains. I have since been using the new Alpha Male with Carbolin 19 included these past two months.

Besides coming off a serious injury, where the first month was rehab and getting back to my previous strength… I am now stronger than I was back in March, setting PR’s right and left. My diet is dialed in; all healthy bulk foods, and I’ve not gained a pound. I swear that I and my missus both believe that I look much bigger.

Oh, and I’ve gone back to the workout routine I did at the beginning of the year. Why no weight gains? I dunno. My lifts keep going up and I look bigger. Not too much to complain about. My current “cycle” of the stuff ends at January. By then I have set goals for 225 bb OHP and 150 db bench.

Could I reach them without supplemental aids? I do not believe so at all. Oh, by the way, I’m at the edge of 38 years.

For me, this product is worth the money, and I’ll continue purchasing. [/testimonial]

any more?

As one who still has some MAG-10 and 4-AD stashed away I like to use Carbolin 19 between androgen cycles or when off androgens for extended periods.

I use it when coming off a cycle to help boost my recovery and maintain muscle gains made. I haven’t kept data as you first requested, but my workouts are listed in my blog and since following this protocol my bodyfat percentage has continued to drop while strength and muscles gains have been kept.

I use Carbolin 19 in Alpha Male when coming off an androgen cycle to boost test production back up and at other times in HOT-ROX Extreme for the thermogenic effect and the high energy boost. I like how it helps me keep gains from the androgen cycles.

Hope this helps,


My strength has gone up a little after coming off a test/Dianobol cycle, I’ve been on the Alpha Male for about 3 months and am stronger than when on the steroids, I believe the stuff works great, your just not gonna put on a ton of mass real quick, the gains come slow and steady from being able to move more weight, leanness is improved along with vascularity. Alpha Male, BETA-7, have become staples for me.