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The Carb Cycling Codex


Im 16, 5'6, and 178 at around 22% bodyfat. I need to lose some weight for the summer (I also have to pack on some mass for football- Gonna try the Westside for Skinny Bastards program). I realize this is hard to do at the same time, so I'll focus on the weight loss. I really like the sound of Christian Thibaudeau's Carb Cyclying Codex plan. One problem. I hate counting calories! Can I just follow the carb guidelines without counting calories? I have a good 4 months to get down to 10% bf anyway.

ALSO: Im thinking the carb guidelines look like this for me:

Heavy lifting days : 275 grams
Moderate Days: 220 grams
Low Carb Days: 175 grams

does that look right?


If only it were that simple, you wouldn't need the carb cycling codex.
The Protein and Fat are just as important as the carbs.

66 + 13.7*80.7 + 5*168 - 6.8*16= 1900 BMR * 1.6 = 3040.
To lose fat you need to bump that down .2, or 2432 / day.
267g of Protein
222.5g of Carbs
52g of Fat

The math is the easy part. Write everything down. By doing so, you're less apt to cheat. CT recommends fitday.com, which is free, and easy to use to actually do the counting.

If you are serious and strict about nutrition you can strip the fat, 28lbs of fat in 28 weeks is not out of the question, but I wouldn't focus so much on the numbers themselves as much as getting stronger and leaner. Clean up your diet and your mind and the body will follow.


Thanks man! Looks like I got a rough 28 weeks ahead of me!


You have no idea.


Why? You're only 16, why not focus on fruit, vegetables, and lean meats? Keep a log and keep active. At 16 you don't have the experience with dieting for something so complicated or even need that.