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The Cape


Anyone else watch the Season Premiere of this show? I DVRed it and I have to say that I enjoyed the show. It looks like a promising new show (kinda batman-ish)

oh and the main female lead is smokin hot!

So who watched it and what do you guys think?


Couldn't make it through the pilot, thought it was terrible.


looks gay as shit.

doesn't deserve a thread.


I hate you guys


i thought the pilot sucked too, i did watch all of it though. I will watch a couple more episodes. we will see.

I considered making a thread before it aired, glad i wasn't the sucka who did it.


i hate you too


I thought it sucked but, I have a thing for Summer Glau so, I will continue watching hopefully it will get better.


I hate that I didn't get to see it. I returned here to 'Stan before the premiere. And Summer Glau is most definitely on my list of "Most Desirable."


How could wanna-be Batman be ever as good as the real thing?


I was thinking this the whole time I was watching


yup yup


I would smash Summer Glau like the gauntlet-enclosed hand of a nameless god of war.

The Cape was . . . suffice it to say that the original Batman the Animated series was more mature than this.

But that woman. Damn.


It had moments but overall it did not really deliver. It shows some promise though and I like the actors involved so I will for sure see a few more episodes before I make up my mind. It is not always a good idea to do a 2 hour pilot. it felt a bit dragged out.


Bump, I thought it was pretty damn good. It may have been a bit cheesy but it's magic tricks superheroes, and Summer Glau what's not to love?




The only thing I liked so far was her car. I don't think they should have done a two hour pilot. I don't think they should have picked that same type of person to play that part. I mean, why does every "tv super hero" seem to fit the same image? They picked a very generic looking guy to fit a very generic role for a super hero. This won't be Lost by any stretch of the imagination.

Unless they switch to HBO and Glau starts doing topless scenes in every episode, I doubt this will last long.

This is no Knight-Rider...where every kid wanted that car.

This is no Incredible Hulk....where Bill Bixby walks off into the sunset after every episode alone.

This is no Wonder Woman....where little boys get sent into puberty early watching her on screen.

They need to pick more outstanding or non-generic actors to play these parts. It's 2011...why couldn't the main character be Hispanic, Indian, or Black? Why so much more of the same?


X honestly all the shows you mentioned were from our Childhood and were classics. When was the last time TV networks made anything worth a shit? I do not even watch network TV for anything except Football.


Anyone remember "The Greatest American Hero"?


^ Oh Lord please dont. Somethings are better left dead. :slightly_smiling:


I liked Lost until the last season. I have watched Smallville since the first episode ten years ago. House is one of those I usually buy on dvd because I am that into it.

While most tv sucks, those to me are stand out winners. I mean, what shows have lasted for ten years on tv? If you make it to 5 years old, you can call it a hit.

They have proven that a great writer can make a show. Lost had so much potential but it fizzled out towards the end.

They could have done way better with a tv attempt at a new super hero. They've had way too much practice with Heroes.

They fucked up Blade as a tv hero and it all just adds up to weak writers who really don't feel passionately about the subject matter....that and weak casting. Why pick THAT guy as a new hero? I think part of the appeal of Heroes was how mixed the cast was. I mean, they had subtitles for crying out loud and it was even more of a hit because of it.