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The Canada Crew?


Anyone here from Niagara/Hamilton?


I'm from Hamilton. There are a few of us here.




Cool. What do you guys think about the pan am games bid?


Ummmm. There's a Pan Am games bid? Man, I really do need to get out of the gym.

Where's your picture taken?


Are you a midget?


I believe the term is "little person." :slightly_smiling:


......east coasters


I'm from Dundas, not that stinkin' Hamilton.


Dude, I'm originally from PEI. You have no idea how much of an insult it is to Atlantic Canadians to call Ontario the "East Coast", it's Upper Canada!

Now go smoke a joint! :slight_smile:


Ouro, I've told you before I prefer "vertically challenged"!!!

OP- As for the Pan Am Games bid, isn't it more Toronto? However, we may get some good facilities for sports in Southern Ontario, so I'm all for that.


Oooohhh.... I'm sorry. I didn't know that about you. I'll try not to hold that against you.

As an aside, all the cool kids live in Oakville.


You're standing upright waiting for the squat command in your new avatar aren't you?

Rugger - apparently Hamilton might get some new facilities. Also, some water sports are supposed to happen in Welland/Niagara area. See, I know stuff...


So we have a few Golden Horseshoers here and even a couple from the fruitbelt!


No they don't they live in London


I'm in Ottawa here... Kinda like T-dot... but small... and friendly... lol


That's why they're kicking you out and sending you to California...

And if that's really the case, why do you train Burlington? Because Burlington is where it's at...


In ottawa as well, where do you train?


Actually that's after the squat, I was just given the rack command and I'm thinking, "How the hell am I going to do this?"

They could do some Xtreme water sports by using the Falls as the venue.

PS- The only thing good about Oakville is that the GO train empties at that stop on the way home. And as for Burlington, well at least it has a kick ass Fish and Chip restaurant.


Yeah its more Toronto but The Hammer is debating about a new stadium. Yeah some of the water events are in st.kitts and welland. Welland has the flat water course.

ouroboro_s: The picture was taken at my gf's farm on this past weekend. She got me the tire and a new sledge hammer for valentines day. Its in cooksmills just outside of welland.