The Calorie Restriction Society

not sure if this has been posted before, but I found it quite shocking:

Their head is 6’ tall and about 8 stone (112lb). I’m sure that’s not healthy.

I took a look around their forum. The best post was “this site is WAY retarded”

That’s my favourite post on ANY forum :frowning:

Being malnourished HAS to be bad, imho…

Haven’t been to this site, but will do so soon. I assume they advocate the belief that eating causes oxidisation, so the more you eat, the more free radicals you create, the quicker you get old.

I can’t reference, but I know there have been studies on mice that show that those on a calorie restricted diet lived significantly longer than those that were allowed to eat all they wanted.

I suppose this only works (if it actually does) if you have a very sedentary life.

On a side note: Does anyone else think that the “antichrist” for these people would be John Berardi? :slight_smile:

Just been to the site, and they’ve got those mice studies on the very front page! :smiley:

Let’s see if I can find some photos of these people. If they look like the average vegetarian…

Damn! I can’t find any photos. I did find this little gem, though. Here’s a sample menu for your average CR day:

1 cup fresh Orange Juice
1 slice Mixed Grain Bread
Omelette made with 2 egg whites and scallions
Brewed Coffee or tea with low-fat milk

Whole-wheat Pita Bread or
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 large Falafel patty or three small ones
1/3 med sliced Tomato
2 leaves Lettuce or sprouts
1 tsp Mustard or low-cal salad dressing
1/2 teaspoon roasted Tahini butter
1 Carrots

1 cup non-fat Yogurt,Plain with
2 Brazilnuts
3 dried Figs

2 oz Salmon,Sockeye, baked or broiled
1 spear Broccoli,steamed or raw
5 sun dried Tomatoes; soaked and added to
3 shitake Mushrooms, sauted in non-stick skillet,
added to
1/2 cup Tomato or Spaghetti Sauce
1 cup cooked whole wheat Spaghetti

Macronutrient breakdown:

Calories 1524 76% RDA
Protein 82 gm 149% RDA
Total Fat 37 gm 57% RDA
Carbohy. 239 gm 80% RDA
Fiber 33 gm 110% RDA

One thing I find scary is that 82g of protein is actually 149% of the government’s RDA. I am by no means a big dude (80kg at 1.72m), but if I don’t get at least twice that amount of protein I start to pile on the fat, fast.

When are RDAs going to become a useful number?

Anyway, I say: Long live the CR Society!