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The Butt-Wink


Being German, I at times have a hard time properly understanding specific paragraphs.
Does the following indicate that the butt-wink is not a big deal? Thank you!

"Anyway... just the other day, I came across this interesting paragraph in Functional Anatomy of the Spine by Middleditch and Oliver:

"Tension in the thoracolumbar fascia can also be increased by motion of the arms, legs and trunk. Posterior rotation of the pelvis causes an increase in flexion at he lumbosacral junction and hence increases tension in the thoracolumbar fascia. Lumbar spine flexion also passively increases tension in the thoracolumbar fascia. Competitive weightlifters may flex or 'round out' the lumbosacral area and it is suggested that this affords some protection by increasing tension in the thoracolumbar fascia and posterior ligamentous structures, thereby contributing to stability in the low lumbar area (Dolan et al, 1994).""


nobody understands that...


I no understand!


I think it's saying that slight lumbar flexion at the bottom of a squat can be beneficial as a opposed to problematic. Not 100% sure and definitely not sure of the context either.


It is saying that having slight flexion at the lumbosacral junction may contribute to overall stability of the lower back. The thoracolumbar tension affords some extra stability, but the paragraph fails to mention that there is an increased risk of compression forces higher up the lumbar spine...so yes there is more stability at the lumbrosacral region, but there is also more compressive force throughout the rest of the lumbar spine.


I've been thinking about this issue myself because I apparently butt wink:

I don't know if the same happens when I front squat. Perhaps not.

I think when you utilize the bounce at the bottom there's a greater chance that your butt will wink because you (need to) release the tension at the hip somewhat.


Squats look fine.

Don't over analyse stuff. Just add more weight.



Squats look fine.

Don't over analyse stuff. Just add more weight.


he be right, when you are doing true ATG squats you need amazing hamstrings to not have a buttwink. my bud and i have been squatting that low all year with up to 450lbs, my back feels fine :stuck_out_tongue:


One critique would be the OP should drive the hips in sooner.



Are you talking about me?


Yes. More focus on hip drive off the bottom, get them in sooner. Makes squating much easier.



Thought butt-winking was some variation to the booty clap.

I am disappoint.