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The Butt Blaster Machine


Hello :slightly_smiling:

This machine makes my quads burn like crazy and fail long before my butt or hams and I am wondering why? I am making sure I press up with my heel and not my toes. I am also pressing up past horizontal so I am going into hip hyper-extension. So maybe it is because I am stretching my quads but they feel like they are carrying weight.

Has anyone has a similar experience and knows why this is happening?

thanx :slightly_smiling:

(ps- I did not post in the Q&A because it didn't seem to go there. Also, I am a woman and prefer to ask this question here instead of the beginners forum- I hope that is ok and my apologies if it is not. Thanx again!)


Don't use that machine so I can't say. If what you want is a more muscular butt here is the thread for you:



Anything ThePerfectDrug says that is butt related should be paid great heed. nod


Thank you for responding Hallowed! I just finished reading that thread you gave me thank you. I see you also like single leg RDL's- I think they are great.

Actually, I am already doing most of the exercises suggested in that thread- I am following all the recommendations of

"Dispelling the Glute Myth"
by Bret Contreras


where he says

"... In order, the hip hyperextension exercises with the highest glute activation are the single leg bent leg reverse hyper (122%), hip thrust (119%), pendulum quadruped hip extension (112%), bent leg reverse hyper (111%)...."

pendulum quadruped hip extension = butt blaster machine

I have attached Bret's photo of a "tougher" looking version of this machine, but it is basically the same thing.

so I really want to keep using this machine but I am still wondering why it seems to be working my quads more than my butt (I do focus on squeezing my butt)????




i hope you come back and start a log!


Yeah me too! I did that machine one time when I was in a rush and couldn't wait for the equipment i wanted. It DID give me a sore butt.. but (lol) i have no further input!


thanx for the welcome Alexus and Hallowed- I have my log in the Over 35 section (I just turned 50- though still feel 20). I may transfer over here, but I'll finish my first 6 weeks over there. ttyl :slightly_smiling:


Have you tried focusing on driving through your heels, and not your toes on this? Try lifting your toes up while driving it back, and mentally focus on your glutes/hams when at the top of the ROM.

Just a thought, good luck


^ and to go with that, maybe keep the 'glute,' that you working under tension..meaning no lockout?

Have you ever tried this same movement just as a bw move??