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The Bushy T400


Did you start your T400 cycle yet Bushy? I'm eager to hear how its progressing.


Not to move in on your thread but I am hearing a lot of shit about some bad batches of 400 out there. I am sitting on a bottle and second guessing if I should stick that shit. Maybe it is all head games.


T400 from tornel hurts alot. Bushido made his own, cause that's what ninja's do.


Bushy's T-400 is probably homebrew so it would be just fine.

Denkall's T-400 gets mixed reviews. some say it feels like they got kicked by a horse, others can handle the injects without issues. its usually a little underdosed too. i've used it and had no problems....heat the syringe in a heating pad prior to injection, inject super slow (maybe 45-60 seconds per cc), and make sure to thoroughly massage the area after.


Juice20jd and wideguy....... I have used Denkall before, no problems and that is what I currently have. I also noticed that it looked a little underdosed. I usually drop my bottle in warm water to make the oil thinner. Can you PM me or point me to some literature on how to brew my own.


you wouldn't be able to tell if it was under dosed just by "looking at it". Under filled yes, under dosed no. maybe you mixed the 2 up?

a simple google search will point you towards some resources about homebrewing.


right on bro. yes underfilled by bad.


I am very interested on how this is going for him as well. Seems very ambitious of him, since I would never concentrate test that much. But then I haven't researched the esters that he is using ... maybe they are more soluble in BA.

Otherwise, he would have to crank up the BA% leading to painful injections. Which is what happens with denkalls T400. It is the high BA% that gives you the soreness, not the oil temp or anything like that. I know some guys who used it and complained about injection site soreness, like for days. They would mix 0.5ml T400 with 1 ml deca to ease the pain. But, whatever works for you, I guess.


Just to give you guys a follow up on what I said. I remember reading a post in Strasseroids years back about T400. So I tracked it down on this site. Some food for thought:

Everybody Hurts... At Least With T-400 They Do!

Q: I read your last Strasseroids and wanted to comment on the Denkall T-400 that you slammed. I've used this stuff and it kicks ass. Yeah, it hurts pretty bad for a few days after you inject it, but I make sure I inject into my ventral quads a day after I do legs. This way I have a week to recover. Goes to show what you know; the stuff is surely legit and not underdosed. What a "guru" you turned out to be!

A: This type of letter is typical of the meathead who's used steroids once or twice and is now an "expert" on all steroids despite having a sixth-grade reading level and a double digit IQ.

If you go back and reread my column this guy talks about, I did admit that you can get 400 mg/ml of Testosterone esters in a ml of "oil" if you crank up the benzyl alcohol level to around 25%. Of course, it'll hurt quite a bit and might cause localized cellulitis and possibly necrosis and erosion of tissue. And based on the "it hurts for a few days" schtick, it sounds like this is exactly what's happening to the letter writer.

I don't know what the fascination is with ultra-concentrated gear. Yes, there's a known advantage in using higher concentrated gear (see my article here for details), but at what price? I'd rather use 2mls of real Upjohn Depotest (at 200 mg/ml) and have no pain than use this 400 mg/ml stuff and have a charley horse for four days!

Also, how do you know it has 400 mg/ml without a lab test? You probably won't know if there?s 350 mg or 325 mg or even 300 mg/ml based solely on clinical evidence alone. And if you're stacking stuff, there's no way the clinical manifestations can tell you squat. The bottom line is, stick to Sustanon 250, Primoteston, Durateston, Testex-Elmu or Leo, Testoprim D or even Sten, and you'll have no real injection site issues.


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T400 is a very dirty product



Bro, I'd just have gone with a mix of cypionate and enanthate or enanthate and decanoate. No point in mixing so many test esters together. Your blood values are gonna be all over the place. T400 is not a medical product... it's meant for steroid users. Steroid users seem to think more test esters=better product. That's BS... don't fall into that trap. Just 'cause it looks exotic doesn't mean it'll produce better results.


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ag-guys....... elaborate if you will. Just curious to hear your input.


You have several different esters here, each with different peaks and valleys.

I don't dig multi-ester'd products personally.


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You have a low sex drive, using that much test?


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Wait ... did you say that you injected 5ml in one spot? I am not trying to offend, but am I the only one who thinks that is crazy? I have never done that much in one spot. Geez. Have any of you besides bush done this much before? Is this common practice? I can't imagine ..
Are there any different techniques for such a high volume injection?


Hold on Lattimus.

Hey P22, didn't I read in one of your posts a while back that there is a location around the hip area that can take a 5 ml injection.

Bushy, is that where your doing this large injection?