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The Bush Croonies at Work...


Land of the free eh . . .


A few quotes:
"Charlie Grapski, a Democrat running for the Florida House of Representatives, was arrested in April after filing a lawsuit alleging that City officials abused power and influenced the outcome of an election by manipulating the absentee voting process."

"CG: The Mayor (Jean Calderwood) had been appointed in the past by Jeb Bush. Her husband was the treasurer of the James Lewis campaign. She?s also a defendant in the case. She?s come out publicly in the newspapers over the weekend saying that she was in constant communication with Clovis Watson to arrange my being arrested?She said Clovis Watson did not go out on a limb alone, he was in constant communication with her?She said that in a letter to the editor of the newspaper editor."

I guess this is the kind of democracy they would like to export to Iraq.

Aren't you guys allowed to carry weapons just to defend yourself against this kind of tirrany?
I guess it's just a matter of time before someone puts a hole in that corrupt cop then.


An Alachua County Sheriff's Office detective has filed sworn complaints against State House candidate Charlie Grapski and another man, alleging the pair unlawfully recorded Alachua city employees, the department reported Friday.

The complaints accuse Grapski and Michael Canney of unlawful interception of oral communications, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison, Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Steve Maynard said.

The Sheriff's Office was asked to conduct an investigation by the city into the allegations, Maynard said.

Grapski, a University of Florida instructor and doctoral student, had been arrested and jailed last month after he was accused of recording Alachua City Manager Clovis Watson Jr. without his knowledge. Grapski was at the Alachua City Hall that day because he was looking through materials relating to absentee ballots for a city election, which has been challenged in a lawsuit he is participating in.


CG: The City?s normal approach even to City Commissioners they didn?t like was to deny them the public records. So I went in on that Friday with a witness, Eileen McCoy, who was the sole plaintiff at the time, a resident of Alachua. A lot of people were afraid to put their name on the complaint, but she did. I brought my video recorder, because if the city was going to tell me lies or deny me records I wanted a record of that. So I walked in and I told Alan Henderson that I was recording him even though I didn?t have to tell him, and he even talked to the recorder to make sure he was being heard clearly.

RS: Did he give you any records?

CG: He basically denied me the records. I said put it in writing and give me the reason you?re denying access.? And he called the police!

RS: What was your reaction and what happened next? Were you surprised that the police were called?

CG: Whenever anybody comes to City Hall in Alachua and speaks up, they call the police force. Clovis Watson holds more than one office (City Manager/Police Commissioner/Clerk Canvassing Board Member). It?s unlawful in state of FL to hold 2 offices?.Then Clovis came in and began speaking; a few minutes into it said I notice you?re recording me. He said ?If I don?t give consent, that?s a felony.? I said, ?No, you can clearly see that I?m recording, two is that you?re continuing to talk, and three is you?re a public official engaged in public business.? He actually wrote in a memorandum to the City Commission that he had no problem being recorded.


So there's a claim from some state- or city-level partisan candidate, pursuant to a lawsuit claiming monetary damages, that someone somehow related to President Bush via some appointee relationship to his brother, the governor of FL, may have abused the system by getting the claimant detained?

And now the guy is free and suing?

First: This relates to President Bush how?

Second: How could one possibly doubt the credulity of such a disinterested claimant?

Third: The fact this guy is free, and that he will be compensated if what he's claimed is found to be true, is symptomatic of a societal loss of freedom how?

It's funny to watch your fevered hatred for Bush affect your connecting the dots -- kind of like Russel Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind," but minus the beautiful mind.


You have to remember that in wreckless' little world - EVERYTHING is Bush's fault. Don't get caught up in common sense and proof. Wreckless is not about truth, or common sense. He's about hating America and demonizing Bush.



It's telling that both of you failed to notice that a local election was stolen.

And that there's a patern there.


It's telling that you apparently don't know how to deal with the word "allegation."


Or the electoral college. Or anything requiring even the smallest amount of common sense.


What is a 'Croonie'? Does it have something to do with singing? Or is it some sort of secret racial epithet that Dems share, where you take out the 'r'? I know the Dem leadership is very rascist but really now... :slight_smile:


Can you possibly post w/o a spelling error? You'd get a little more serious attention if you did not spell like a drunken lout.



Hey, what do you have against drunken louts?


Yeah!! And I don't think that Wreckless is a dem... I think he might be pinko Eurotrash, which would explain the America-hating.

But I could be wrong. What is it, Wreckless?


OJ moved to Florida.

Enough said.


What's a pinko?

Not everyone is trash in Europe are they?

Haha, I just remembered when France spoke out against the war and some people in America poured delicious French wine in the streets and steam rolled over other French goods/symbols...

"An American boycott of French wines cost the French wine industry $112 million in the six months after the March 2003 Iraqi invasion." -Reuters


Trash of any kind is smelly.


A sympathizer with communists.

Hell no! You guys have James Bond. :slightly_smiling:


Well, some "allegations" are enough to invade other countries over.


And you sir, think like a drunken lout. Or is that a drunken loud?


But hey, at least I can spell better than a 4th grader!



How's your spelling in Dutch?


My Vietnamese is better:

Do-mahn-euu! :slight_smile: