The Bud Light Thread

North Face jumps in…

North Face goes WOKE!

The outdoor clothing brand has released an advertisement for the brands new ‘Summer of Pride’ campaign which includes rainbow covered clothing for children.

The ad features a Drag Queen encouraging everyone to “Come Out.”

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) May 24, 2023

Well, their stocks are gonna nose dive, just like targets did

These CEOs are dumber than rocks

I thought this was a joke. It makes sense as drag queens are known to love the outdoors and camping and hiking.

Tbf i know plenty of folks who wear North Face who’ve never and will never venture into the great outdoors

Not saying this is a good marketing move … just saying people wear their stuff for more than rugged outdoor wear


Im feeling the squeeze man!

I used to love Burton outdoor/snowboard gear.

Now its Bernie-wear.

I mean, I know I’m “old”, but not old-old.

A lot of items are more so for some sort of cosplay than actual utility. How many people are actually off roading in their Jeep (or truck, SUV, etc…)? How many of the dudes buying accessories for their AR15s are ever going to do anything related to gun combat? How many people wearing Vans can skate even a little?

The rich kids used to have the Burton and Forum (IDK if that brand is even around anymore) gear. I was a bit jealous TBH. I had a Liquid board and it wasn’t very cool. I had to compensate by actually being good at snowboarding. Kinda a bummer.

That Liquid board is still going though. My boots need replacement (I’ve worn holes in them). I just can’t justify it when I only go every couple years, so I just deal with snow getting in through the holes.

Maybe drag queens are a good choice then.


I remember Liquid boards. They were pretty popular around here.

Do you remember K2?

I worked in a ski & snowboard shop around '92-93 selling boards & gear. :smiling_face:
Had the one pictured, an old K2 from like 1989 or so, a Burton Brushie Pro model, & M5 downhill board.

Me & the kiddo sled ride on it now. :rofl:

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I do remember K2. My buddy had one.

I have this bad boy. My was red on top though.


I remember being super excited to get it. I think it was a birthday / Christmas combo gift. Came as a whole package with bindings and boots. At the time I think it was about $200.

As a teen though after awhile I remember thinking that my board wasn’t as nice as most of the other kids boards. Even back then (2003ish), lots of kids had boards that were $300-$500. With boots and bindings, some were nearing $1000.

Now thinking that I was worried about my board not being cool seems pretty silly. There is a cool factor to having low quality gear, but being pretty good at what you’re doing.

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They’ve always been gay, just being open about it now.

Just wait, Sitka will be next. We all know it.

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As far as I know, this Dylan Mulvaney controversy is confined to something that happened on TikTok. In other words, no cans of Bud Light with Dylan Mulvnaey’s picture were ever sold in stores. There were no Bud Light commercials with Dylan Mulvaney. (Correct me if I am mistaken). So people are just complaining that Bud Light sent Dylan Mulvaney some cans with her picture on it, which she showed on her TikTok channel.

This seems like manufactured outrage. Why do you care about Dylan Mulvaney’s TikTok channel? I would put this controversy in the category of maybe you should get a life.

That’s really the most important thing to understand about the rising tide of backlash. It is, for most people, 100 percent about protecting kids from people like this.

If you want to protect kids from sexual grooming, you can start with the Catholic Church. They just admitted over 450 sexual assault perpetrators, and over 1900 youths were sexually assaulted since 1950.

That’s not nation wide, that’s just in the state of Illinois.

Going after queer people for grooming is chickenshit stuff, it’s for fucking cowards. Bullies always target the weak. Show up with your protest signs and open carries at a Catholic church, see what kind of reception you receive there. These church officials are not just giving kids textbooks or teaching classes on sex education, they have been literally raping children. But I’ve never seen a “anti-grooming” protest outside of a Catholic church.

You do know the Church has recognized these crimes and has been paying out settlements?

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So my concern about transgender ideology targeting children is misguided because a bunch of pedophiles pretended to be Catholic priests?

Ok, groomer.


Dude thinks he’s an intellectual because he regurgitates the propaganda he’s fed. It would be hilarious, except this sort of brain washing is seemingly taking over this country at the moment.


I thought it was Zep again honestly, but then I saw the joined date.


I guess millions of people that work for a living need to get a life.

I agree here - burn them all down and hang anyone involved in covering it up. Religion is mostly a cancer on humanity.

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Most local news is controlled by Sinclair and is heavily tilted left.

Weird you didn’t go with public schools.

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I still think it is. Zep has had atleast 4 accounts.

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