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The Brotherhood of Iron 1.0


A great and honorable man once said:

Am I the only nostalgic mofo on this site? What the fuck happened to the once proud brotherhood of iron? When did this once bound by a thirst for growth and hunger for improvement bunch of hardcore animals get infiltrated by a bunch of pussified moronic cry babies?

I spent this morning replying to threads about people being threatened in the parking lot because they were using someone's piece of gym equipment, guys refusing to spot one another in the gym and people actually defending this mindless bullshit. Tell me there is hope after all and the glory days will be once more.

I used to walk into a gym and hang around the big boys just to pick up a tip or two. I trained for years before I finally mustered up enough nerves to ask the biggest guy in the gym in the gym if I could please train with him.

The majority of these wannabe lifters nowadays have no fucking respect for the game anymore and are just taking up gym space if you ask me. Why the fuck do you look surprised when I tell you to get the fuck out my way when you are talking to your girl on your cell phone?

If a guy, who is in the midst of a serious work out, asks you to spot him, you spot him when you are ready to do so. And even if he doesn?t ask you, if he gets crushed under a weight and you are nearby, you spot him.

When some young kid comes to you and asks you a few things, don?t be a total jackass and tell him a few basic things to get him on his way.

When someone is just fucking around, tell him to do things right or go home. If you are serious and want to learn, I have no problem helping you along, just come correct and respect those who have come before you.

It is about time we clean this shit up, I am on a fucking war path to grow and improve and will not be taking any prisoners.

Semper Fi,


The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper...


The purpose of this new thread is for this forum to start another union. To help spark another group of men and women united together with one passion for weight lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and even figure. What a better place to start something new than the very place that sparked it all. Much like the Bible, AA's words are misinterpreted. Sometimes too loosely and at times too strictly. What is for certain is that he would be disgusted with what has become of his vision.

To the members of T-Muscle: build a new band, help it grow, and dont let the words of AA become meaningless.


I completely agree with you, Ive been telling the groups of 14 year olds who stand around the equipment to watch their friend bench 100 pounds once every ten minutes to get the fuck out of my way.
I really dont know what people expect anymore, and sometimes the gym staff is even worse. They treat the gym like a social meeting place, not a place to WORKOUT. Im right here with you man, I hope people start transforming gyms back into what they should be.


This BOI died for a reason, it became less about weight lifting, more about some people professing their emotions any given day or girl issues.

AA wanted it to die as it USED to be about posting your numbers, asking for good advice and generally no idiots were tolerated.

If you can bring it back to its olden days more power to you, but the many that populated it hardly post here anymore and if they do it's in the T-Cell that they inhabit.

Merry Christmas.


Thanks. Everything comes in cycles. A generation of BOI members passed and left a void. A new generation has to come and fill the void. Its inevitable.


No one has a trademark on the BOI, and I would like to see a fresh one start up, I learned a ton from the old ones, and the one I can still read.

But it won't start if people don't post their workouts, and fuckers need videos and pictures too. No one wants to read about some bullshit. So lead by example young man, and bust out some shit.

Here is some weaksauce squats to get ya started. (Form ball busting is expected)

Everyone else stop being bitches about it. If you want to do it, fucking do it.


shoulders and triceps

Smith high incline press

close grip pin press super-setted with dead stop extensions
cgbp 170lbsx5
DSE 80lbsx9
CGBP 155x6

Hammerstrength shoulder press
1 plate 1 dime 8x3

lateral raise machine
ramp up to 110x10



ya bitchez


90 second rests (BBB)




CG Pulldown



Lateral raises


40x8 (gym was closing)

I'll probably record some sets if this thread keeps going.


Nothing too much

Alt. hammer curls - 50s (13 reps each arm)
Front squats, top set of 250x5

Thank god for knee sleeves.



Leg Extension
? x 15
? x 15


Leg Press
4 plates x 16
6 plates x 10
7 plates x 10
8 plates x 8
10 plates x 4

I did 3 drop sets

Front Squat
4x15 w/ 135 ATG

Leg Extension



Im in.

Military/Chins/Dips today, nothing too sexy, just getting done what I can at the parents house between finishing shopping, spending time with the nephew and niece.

Gonna go find a gym for some proper squats tomorrow.

Beans, good to see ya here.


I've gotten back into Front Squats the last 2 months, hit a PR. Beat my pre surgery best by 10lbs. Going to keep at it, hoping to hit 365 sometime in 2010.

Each set was preceded by a box squat vertical jump much like this video but a bit less than 58 inches :slightly_smiling: lol.

Feel Sets:
45 x 8
95 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 2
225 x 1
265 x 1

Work Sets:
300 x 1
260 x 3
325 x 1 (PR)
275 x 3
250 x 8 (this set was for max reps)


What surgery did you have before this?

Cool idea with the box jumps.


12/22/09 3/3/3 bench


HS incline (weight as if it was on a 45lb bar lol)

cable crossovers

Incline curls

EZ bar curls

hammer curl

Trained earlier in the morning today, bench could have gone better but it's not that huge a problem. I've been working on my chest mind muscle connection and I think it's really coming along, feels great. Yates' biceps went well too.

Oly shoes just came in the mail. Squatting on thursday and fuckin' excited


<3, and glad I'm not the only one whose going to be whoring videos in this thread.

squats from last friday, 5/5/5 day


AC, I've thought of adding some box jumps/depth jumps before leg day after seeing Nate Green put them in programs, you want to put any thoughts out on how its been adding those in ? I've also tried explosive push ups before benching and seen some solid results personally.


I never really got involved in the older versions of this thread,.. not really for any important reason, but probably because it just seemed to have tons of replies and never really struck me as anything require input on my behalf. Still, reading over this,... the whole concept of encouraging each other, the idea of mentoring newer trainers,.. well, that's something I'll admit to feeling very strongly about.

When I was in college, my older friend Scott took me under his wing and dragged me to the campus gym 7 days a week. Scott may not have been Thibaudeau, but he had a good handle on the basics, and to my 20 year old, 150 lb frame, he seemed huge (about 220 at 5'11). While I eventually learned a lot about nutrition, and what worked for me, I would not have gotten started without Scott. I should also note that because everyone on campus knew Scott (Worked as a bouncer at a very popular bar, was our frat's social chair, top goalie in the local hockey league), people associated me with him, and apparently I was deemed "okay" when I started coming to the gym without Scott. Bigger guys on the football and wrestling team were always very cool and informative answering my questions, no matter how silly they may have sounded to experienced gym rats. Years later, I started finding myself in the situation where younger, and newer trainees would routinely approach me with questions. While not always at the most opportune moments, I do try to keep myself collected, and do my best to give them the best, most honest and straightforward answers that I can. Sure, sometimes some idiot kid will start asking me questions while I've got a few hundred lbs at arms' length over my head. I ignore him until my set is done, and calmly (through gritted teeth usually) explain why what he just did was damn stupid.

Almost 2 years ago, I saw some tall, kinda soft dude attempting deads with some of the worst form I could have imagined. I went over and POLITELY explained that I had suffered a pretty back back injury myself, and that what he was doing looked like what I had done (not entirely true, but always a better way to say someone's doing something totally wrong). Long story short, Corey is now my best training partner, and in the time since that day, we've bulked him to about 225lbs, then cut down to 190lbs (tightest his abs have ever been), slowly back up to about 215, and hoping to bring him down again for a show in the Spring. Despite the fact that he's only been seriously training for a couple of years, he's without a doubt one of the smartest, most committed trainers I have ever met. Giving him a bit of advice, and some encouragement has served us both quite well.



Little high on those squats sweetness.