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the british bulldog died

on may 11 2002 the pro wrestler “the british bulldog davey boy smith” died in a hotel room.
he had previously admitted to steriod use and pain killer use/abuse. he had supposedly gotten off the narcotics and one week before he was found dead at 38 years of age, he was off drugs in tremendous shape and had a tag team match for stampead wrestling [bruce hart’s wrestling promotion]tagging with his 16 year old son harry smith. david smith was married to bret hart’s sister diana.also last week bret hart suffered a stroke while he was riding his bike in calgary. it is sad that bulldog, owen hart, and brian pillman [was trained & close with the hart family] are all dead now suppossedly of drug overdoses[except owen hart who died from a cable that broke witch was suppossed to lower him into the ring from the cieling of the arena.

Seems like the Hart family has really had more than their share of tragedy the last few years,almost like the Von Erich family in the 80s-early 90s. Also, the great Lou Theze passed away recently. He was an old man though whose career began 60 years or more ago. A hooker(could really wrestle)as well as a performer.

I can’t comment on Brian Pillman or Davey Smith’s deaths being related to drug use. That may or may not be true. But, Bret Hart’s stroke can’t be linked to drug use. You lead on that he had a stroke “while riding his bike”. Implying that he was just riding and had a stroke. The truth is that he crashed his bike, and hit his head. That was the cause of his stroke. That and the fact that he had many concussions in his wrestling career. Actually, he retired so young because the doctors told him there was a high risk of stroke and post concussion syndrome if he had another head injury. Therefore, it is not accurate to lump Bret in with the possible drug problems within other Hart family members.