The Brit V The Belly

Yeah. We women are pretty awesome.

And 1 RM calculators are somewhat useless, I believe. What I can squat for one rep is WAY higher than the calcs predict based on multiple reps. In the bench, it’s the exact opposite for me.

Exactly and that’s part of what makes me sad about the way that a lot of women chose to or are led to believe they ought to train. There is no reason any female with a sound body can’t train with intensity. Note I’m not mentioning heavy weight, since everyone’s body goals are different and it doesn’t appeal to all ( even though it would benefit them (tiny rant) Intensity however is so frequently lacking. Oh and desire to push past fear and discomfort (mental as well as physical). If that’s not what childbirth encompasses, then I don’t know what is.

Ksnap, big high fives girl. You and I will start the Bad Ass Mamma’s club and we will treat our selves royally on our offspring’s birthdays :slight_smile: MiM et al may join.

Inky and Ummdef, you’re the best kind of guys :slight_smile: Involved Daddy’s ft EPIC w.

I survived delts, no thanks’ to my ego (wretched thing made me go as heavy as I could without crying on overhead press…only 15lbs per side for 12 reps which is half the weight same reps as my max) Before any of you bereate me (THANKS IN ADVANCE INK) I am well aware that I am stupid. I’m icing now as some kind of compensation. Apprently I need to incorporate a 5th training day for my common sense muscle. In any case. I got 25lbs for 14 plus 4 per arm front raises and 15lbs for 10 plus 4 per arm side lateral raises. Very uncomfortable on the left. Then fail O.H. bb press then tricep extension 25lbs for 25 reps 2 second squeeze at the bottom…agony and french press 45lbs for 16. I can’t go any higher than 45 without being pulled backwards…v embarassing!

Off to whip up some fantasmagorical birthday dinner…or order pizza since that’s what they’re begging for…SUCH a tough decision…

happy birthday to your little monster!
Also I’m impressed with your training. A totally different style – all those reps are killer!

If your anything like me, the birthday food celebrations will last all weekend…
Don’t be like me!!!

And I’d love to join the club. I had our two kidlets no meds. First one was textbook induction (pitocin, layed up in bed the whole time,etc) After they broke my water I went from 4-8cm in 15 min!!! Believe ME, I wanted drugs, but it was too late!!

I did my homework for the second bebe…Who knew you had choices?!

Yeah. Labor stories are funny. With my first, I arrived at the hospital 45 minutes before he was born and resisted all the gadgetry. Just told them to not touch me. When you’re in that much pain, you can be amazingly demanding of your rights. For my second, I waited so long at home to avoid being meddled with that my daughter was born on our bathroom floor with my husband on the phone with 911.

Natural childbirth? Uh-huh, we’re not in 2010 B.C. :slight_smile:

I admire the women who do natural, but I’m a baby when it comes to pain. When that day comes, I will take every drug known to doctors and gangleaders.

Oh and after reading Snapper’s story about not getting to the hospital… I’ll book a room for the week of my planned delivery and patiently await my youngin’ :slight_smile:

For my son, I practically carried his mother into the emergency room at 2am and said “She’s having a baby RIGHT NOW!” you should have seen them jump! I was only off by 10 minutes…

I don’t know why you’d sweat about being embarassed with 45# french presses for eleventy billion reps, FM. That exercise is a pain in the ass. It works great, I think, but it still sucks and is awkward as all hell to me.

And good for you for taking care of that shoulder and not smashing it into bits. You’ll appreciate taking it easier on it now, when you’re still able to pick up your kids in 5 years :slight_smile:

What I was embarassed about was doing it with 50 and being pulled backwards because I wasn’t epic enough to do the reps and not be catapaulted across the gym by the cable tension. I have to stay at 45 for now until a. I eat enough birthday food (you and me MiM, you and me) and I’m built like a tank or b. I build moar muscle. I’d rather b. but that’s going to take a wee while, so 45 it is for now. :slight_smile:


Dearest FM,

Rec’d your message… Tried to reply… No dice… Aaaargh!

Now I really feel like a lurker (bordering on stalker)! ;o)

Keep up your fantastic work!


I want my Figure Muscle baaaack…wahhhh :frowning:

WHY OH WHYYYYYY will it not post my w/o entries?!!! SO infuriating.

Hey Ummdef, it really stinks not to be able to catch up. Glad you’re well though.

MiM, please would you link me your new thread? I need to catch up and the old one is locked (as I’m sure you know lol)


Edit: It will post this nonsense…but not anything that actually counts…RAAGGGEE

Kiddos went off this morning with Gma and Gpa who are visiting this weekend from out of state. I went off to the gym expecting it to be dead like most holidays, only to discover all the douche bags (and a couple of suprise hotties) in the area decided to be there today. Meh. I approcahed it with trepidation because of the shoulders, but discovered I actually felt really strong and capable under the circumstances :slight_smile:

15 mins tread 3.4mph @ 8%
5 mins rehab shoulder work with bands and rotations. Blah.
Incline bench: 35lb ps x 10 + 4 + 2.
Flat Hammer Machine(plates) press: 1pps x 14 + 5
Seated Machine (stack)Flye: 145lbs x 10 + 4
Preacher Machine (stack) curl: 80lbs x 11
DB supination curl: 30lb per arm x 8
Straight bar drag curl: 60lb x 10 + 4
I stretched out nicely and feel pretty good. I’m icing as we speak and hopefully that will leave me relatively pain free after today. You simply cannot over estimate the joy of being pain free. I usually take it completely for granted. Not anymore.

Edit: Halliegh freakin lujah. This is yesterdays post…today is SKWATS!!

I have a new thread you silly pants.

yay for cooperating shoulder!!

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
I have a new thread you silly pants.

yay for cooperating shoulder!![/quote]

And you’re not linking me why? I am taking this as a personal assault…or not :wink:

How’s the ‘fighter diety’ type thing going? I fell off the wagon and down a very deep ravine, across a barren desert and into the Pacific Ocean…it hasn’t been pretty. Meh.

Righto then, squats and calves ftw.

4 mins bike at 105 rpm level 4, 6 minutes tread 15% 3.0 mph.
Squats (slight sumo, more of just a shoulder width stance with feet slightly turned out to prevent me rolling my left foot) psyched myself out and only managed 50lbps for 16 slow reps, but I made sure I had perfect form.

Hack squat I went up to 4pps x 14 r/p 15 seconds + 4. Felt pretty self righteous after those tbh.

Finished quads with extensions 70lb x 14. Absolute torture. I sat on the floor after those and got a filthy look by an old lady in a smashing woolly Christmas jumper. I couldn’t really be mad at someone with such exquisite taste.

Calves, I finished leg press calf raises with 4.5pps x 8 r/p 3 + 3, then seated calf raise 100lb x 9 r/p + 3 + 3.

Staggered out then spent the rest of the afternoon feeling like I needed to hunt down a large animal and eat it’s meaty flesh. Quite disconcerting really. Settled for a chicken salad instead. Meh, close enough.

Oh ok…here you go your majesty :slight_smile:

I can’t really say I’m doing the fighter diet, since there is no way I could afford to eat 8 pounds of veggies everyday(good grief!)

But the principles are there!

Killer leg session FM.

In regards to your chicken salad, did you at least hunt it down, and eat it the same intensity you would have done to a four legged creature? If so, then it’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:

haha hunting down chicken salad provides a hilarious visual. I can just see you stalking the chicken salad, silently watching it from behind the kitchen island, waiting for it to let its guard down so you can make your move and devour it.

Thanks MiM, my loyal subject :wink: I shall investigate. As for the veg…seriously. I’ve cut it down to 4 cups per meal except for breakfast and maybe last meal, so it’s between 16 and 20 cups a day, which is managable, appetite wise and budget wise. I stopped following so precisely the veg she prescribes on the FDX and I’m getting whatever is cheapest that day at the store and making do.

That way I can afford to feed the kids too. Just as well, they get so whiny when they don’t eat for 5 days, sheesh :wink:

Thank’s Inky, ya it was a McDonald’s salad (it was an emergency, sue me) and they had to make it three times before they got it without cheese and croutons and with grilled not crispy chicken. Bunch of d bags. I felt like I had to work for it :wink:

It’s a cardio only day today, and I need to fit in some shoulder rehab too. I know I’m such a lazy baby, but shoulder rehab is SO boring and uncomfortable. sigh

Oh and btw I have 10 days to lose an undefined amount of weight. You see my dilema? I haven’t been weighing, so I don’t know how much I have to lose to be where I’d like. I’m actually trying to decide why I care so much about what other people attending this comp (the one I was doing until I realised it would probably make us bankrupt…slight exaggeration) think of the way I look in my off season. It has a large amount to do with how I feel and I “feel” gross at this weight. Clothes don’t fit nicely and I can’t stand being uncomfortable. Somehow though, I can’t mentally get past the “I worked hard today I deserve a treat” or “I’m sad/bored/lonely/tired I want soemthing tasty to eat” mentalities. It makes me crazy that I can be so disciplined and kill it in the gym, but I just can’t seem to have the mental fortitude it takes to stay away from foods that are not conducive to my body goals. I had an internal argument the entire way around the store yesterday as to why/why not I should buy some chocolate. I didn’t. Then promptly went home and ate a bunch of peanut butter and honey spoons and a handful of the kids candy corns. Infuriating.

Moaning Minnie/10. Apologies.