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The Brit is Back


I've been away for many months. It has done me good. A little focus on the things that are truly important in life never hurts. I've made gains physically and I would say emotionally that can only help me further myself on my quest for physique excellence. I still lift with intensity and unfailingly strict form, which keeps me honest. I recently got down to my leanest since my last show in Spring 2010. I promptly sabotaged myself and have been feeling a little frustrated nutritionally. However, I realise a come back from many years of abusing food is not a one step journey. This time the 'blip' was shorter and I have taken control of the reins a little sooner. I feel positive about that. I recently ventured into the world of judging and was privileged to judge a local NGA (natural) bodybuilding, figure, mens physique and bikini physique show. That was an eye opener. I'm looking forward to expanding my experience in that department. Really, I just feel blessed to be living my life. :slight_smile:



missed seeing you here!


Thanks Betty...just got to stay on the rational side of things and we'll all be ok :wink:

So how's the FD challenge treating you?


Well, I just had an interesting nano second....made my spinach, egg whites and 2 eggs omlette, sat down to nom it up, went to put my favorite (and when I say favorite, we're talking the way a crack addict's fav is that evil little rock..) Cholula chipotle hot sauce all over it and it was all gone. Had mustard on my breakfast eggs, and felt like something different, so I decided to get buck wild and use some no sugar added ketchup. Now, bearing in mind I used to be a ketchup of bbq sauce on everything kind of chick, this was a treat. I just had my first bite and ....... meh. Not the decadent joy I was expecting, just, meh. What a discovery! Lol. You really can change your taste buds!!!

Quads and calves this afternoon....and this is my first time in 18 months training in the afternoon. I don't like it so far. We shall see what the gym brings. Whatever the case you can guarantee I'll be stumbling out of there :slight_smile:


ugh, I don't like training in the evenings either.

Btw, your avi is SMOKIN!

FD challenge is going ok... sometimes it feels like I'm not 'doing,' the FD because I simply cannot afford supps and 4-5lbs of veggies everyday.

I'm ghetto FD on a tight budget.


I heard that! It's not a cheap endeavor, that's for sure.

I'm still doing the 'Cut Diet' I think I told you about. Similar concept, just 8oz veg each meal instead of 2000oz :wink: I have made friends with frozen veg, which I had a very bad experience with as a child and swore I would never consume again. Still, needs must and I just can't justify entirely fresh anymore.....plus, can't stuff it all into the fridge and have room left for the kids food. Rotten kids :wink:

Training was actually suprisingly good, although the extra food in my belly tried to make an encore after my third exercise....managed to hold it down, but it was close. Also had to sit in the car with the kids after for about 10 minutes to allow my legs to stop tremoring enough for me to drive safely. Good day all in all :slight_smile:


Woooo figuremuscle is back!

Glad to hear things are going well.


Yay Dixie :slight_smile: Your lats are as insane as ever....it would appear I have a penchant for backs wouldn't it? :slight_smile:

Where are you posting about your lifts and meets?


All Other Logs ---> The Southern Domination


your plan sounds more manageable. I think the only frozen veggie I've tried that was BLECH!! was cauliflower.
otherwise, game on!!



Well. I am walking around like an elderly lady today. My hamstrings are so tight that when my coach stretched me today I yelled. He took great satisfaction in that apparently and bent me even further into a pretzel shape. They felt better afterwards, but as the day goes on they are stiffening again, along with the quads and calves and glutes which have also been screaming at me all day. Not sure cardio tonight is a good idea....

Also managed to forget that tonight is my scheduled carb up (105g carbs and 20g fat 0g protein) so I am without sweet potato. I just don't think I can go into Winco again without them thinking I'm stalking someone in there...I go in there so much for fresh produce/meat/eggs that I almost owe them rent. Perhaps I'll carb up tomorrow night instead...although, I think my legs need the carbs. Not to mention I love delt and tri day when I'm carbed up. Striations anyone? :slight_smile:

Made the children modified 'healthy' banana, almond butter cookies, with Sunsweet Light Bake substituted for butter and 1/2 the amount of sugar with an extra banana instead. They smell SO good, but so far not even a smidge of dough or cookie has passed my lips. WIN!


I buy frozen broccoli on occassion - it's not bad in a pinch.

Incidentally, are you British, or is it just your name (Britanny, Britney etc)?


I'm English, yes :slightly_smiling: Real name is Becky. You know Cal, couple of weeks ago, I was eating some frozen broccoli out of 'classy' tupperware in front of an aqquaintance. I chomped down on what can only be described as a tree trunk and somehow managed to get it stuck in my throat. I proceeded to make a disgusting scene in front of the poor woman. Choking and gagging and all but foaming at the mouth. No doubt it was just as pleasant for her as it was for me. Frozen broccoli....ftml.

In any case, had my carb up last night...1.5 cups of green beans slathered in dijon (yes I am almost single handedly keeping the mustard growers of the world in business...and I hope they appreciate it too!), 1/2 cup dry measure oats cooked with water, 2tbsp raisins and 2tbsp ground walnuts, cinnamon and stevia, then 6oz sweet potato flesh and 1 tbsp almond butter. Nommed that up and immediately my trademark 'Hulk' veins appeared. Feels good man. Got up this morning with expectations of the usual morning after digestive discomfort, but felt great. Other than having received the appetite of Kai Greene over night. NOM NOM NOM. Those morning scrambled eggs never felt so good going in the belly :slightly_smiling:

Delts and Tris were good today, although quite uncharacteristically for me I did the sensible thing and kept the weight down. Last time they felt this way (still recovering from injuries to both sides earlier this year) I ploughed through, not listening to my body, and paid the price of a week barely being able to raise my arms. Yes, I'm working on the idiot thing in case you were wondering. Came out with a good pump still (thank you carbs), and more importantly didn't tweak anything.

I'm off now to do my procrastinated SS cardio, then chow down my long anticiapted sludge for last meal. Night all. Sleep well.


I think we're all working on the idiot thing. If only I'd listened to my body when I was younger, it wouldn't be in such shitty shape now.
Hulk veins - I like it. I've never seen veins anywhere other than my hands or feet. Hrmm.


I've always had freaky vascularity...get it from my Mum...always hated it until I started training like an animal now I kind of like them. Always got told I look like a man when I was at school. Now I'd just deadlift those bishes :wink:

I'm sore today but looking forward to my last gym day of the week. Did plyos this morning, now I get to do all my catch up work. Yeah baby. Diet is good...really good, and I weighed in at 135 on the dot. Considering I had gone from 132 to 138 in 2 weeks (yes fat bulk...ugh) 135 in a week is alright with me.

Happy Saturday warriors :slight_smile:


I am currently enjoying sludge. Thank goodness for this stuff. Today mine is 2 scoops vanilla whey, 1tbsp cocoa, 1 pkt stevia and 2tsp almond butter and 10g macadamia nuts finely chopped. You know how to make sludge I know...but this one is particularly good...almost decadent. I love chocolate nut ice creams and this hits the spot!

Carb up later...YAY! :slight_smile:


I've just started carb cycling and I have to say I LOVE the higher carb days.

Sludge sounds good but I couldn't have nut butter in the house without sticking my fingers in it everytime I'm in the kitchen.

There's also this: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/decadent-coconut-milk-whipped-cream-with-berries-and-dark-chocolate-coconut-mousse/


That looks absolutely amazing Cal, thank you!!! I'm going to make that the next time I have my carb meal (every 18th meal). Mmmmm delicious!

Sunday is my rest day :slight_smile: Big smile for that! lol

Have a good one!


Los elbows y rotator cuffs no bueno. Had to go light, light, light today. Well initially I hit 210lbs on the pec flye machine for 15 reps, then suffered for it the rest of the work out. Doofus. Still, got an insane pump and had forearms like Lou Ferrigno when I was finished lol. I have been commanded to take it easy this week, since all my joints are hurting. Even my toe joints, although that may have more to do with wearing 6 inch heels.....platform or no platform, that's still high and apparently my feet don't appreciate it. Meh what do they know? :wink:

Now to eat up :slight_smile:


I suggest steak and potatoes.