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The Brexit Effect


Because the UK did oh so poorly before joining the EU?

These doom and gloom cries are nothing but Monday morning histrionics from eager leftists that hate freedom, and care not one iota about “sound economic” endeavors when it comes to welfare and other government transfers.

Bloated, unsustainable welfare states? Whew Lad, it’s a “human right”, we shall do it! Economics and basic math be DAMNED!

Brexit? Whew Lad, that’s not the most sound economic choice, let me provide all this data I ignore in every other facet of my day to day life.

Yes. Because childish reactions to hurt feelings will trump greed…


Until we stop funding NATO… It’s all moot.

End of the day, this was a huge slap in the face to leftist and globalists the world over. All this crying about a State leaving a union that is currently going down in flames anyway is sour grapes from people that don’t think “others” should have a say in their endeavors.

Whine and cry all you want. The sky isn’t falling, and both the UK and US will be just fine without the UK prostrating to Brussels.


Sure they are:

End of the day… The world will still spin and things will be fine.


Not if this is step one of the collapse of the EU. Europeans don’t exactly have a history of holding hands when they’re pissed at each other…


This isn’t step one of the collapse. This is the UK getting out before the collapse is too obvious to pretend away. The experiment is a disaster, and if they had to actually fund their own defense… lmfao it would have crashed and burned decades ago.

Germany has had a hard-on for European domination for roughly a 100 years now, and the EU is just that, without blitzkrieg. Now, without the UK to temper it… It will be hilarious.

End of the day, the British told people who think like “It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate” to go fuck themselves. If that caused societal collapse and WWIII, it’s worth it.

Plus, EU member states would silently welcome the mass civilian casualties, because it would lesson the burden on their already failing welfare states.


But at this point, most of those members are in NATO. It isn’t precisely clear if that means NATO could activate to stop one member aggressing agaisnt another, but I doubt it will turn into anarchy without an ever closer union.

The collapse of the EU is inevitable. Free movement and the single currency have seen to that. The only way for them to survive is to either wind the single currency back (not gonna happen) or remove member states individual fiscal policies (Lord help them if they try).


Well, no offense, but I think that’s pretty short-sighted. Something like 3% of the world’s population was wiped out in the last world war. If that percentage were to hold true if another world war started (my guess is it would be much higher) you’re talking 220M deaths.

We also have no idea what the geopolitical ramifications of WWIII would be. Does the U.S. come out on top with more or less liberty? Does a single authoritarian power rise? Do multiple powers with conflicting beliefs arise? Do we all die in nuclear fire (histrionic hyperbole, obviously)?

I’m for freedom every time so I’m glad the Brits found a backbone and chose liberty, but that doesn’t mean there can’t/won’t be serious negative ramifications to this.


I am simply saying that the ramifications of Brexit are not easy to predict.


And was it worth it when the Brits gave the finger to the Germans last time by refusing an agreement leading to the death of millions and mass destruction to their country?


For the third time now, I am simply saying that we do not know what the ramifications of Brexit will be…


Right, but last time the consequences were really really bad, and totally worth it. Even though it destroyed them economically, sunk their economic power, saddled them with enormous dept, caused the wholesale destruction of major cities, and lead to the deaths of about half a million British. Presumably, this withdrawal being peaceful, I’m thinking it probably wont be nearly as bad.


Yeah, and Brussels will crack champagne and celebrate.

These people don’t care about the plebs unless they are funding the state, so the state can transfer the funds to the “poor” they care nothing about, and force the “poor” to spend money with their cronies in “private business”.

They will gladly send a sizable portion of the peons head first into machine gun fire, just like before, and recalculate the unfunded liabilities with each body bag.

Less. We don’t even need a war to know that is going to happen.

You mean like Brussels is now?


Agreed. It is unprecedented, but I remain cautiously optimistic.


Not really sure what else I need to say here.

I was referring to a post EU Europe with Brexit possibly being the Archduke Ferdinand moment of our time.

Was thinking more like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.


Out of curiosity, how is Britain answering to the EU any different than Texas answering to Washington? Why does our system of federalism work while the EU’s is doomed (or is ours doomed too)?


Do the math…

We’re fucked homie.


Now that is an interesting question. First you are assuming that it does work, does it? America is also far more homogeneous culturally, linguistically, and historically. Imagine if Texas spoke a different language and had a recent and ancient history of horrible wars with DC?


Nah homie, don’t worry, the EU got dis mang


If this vote sends waves through Europe, which is the next country to exit or attempt to?

I have always been surprised that Poland even joined, my money is on them.


Because Great Britain didn’t voluntarily enter the EU under the agreement that it give up its sovereignty.


The French or the Danes is the smart money. But it is anyone’s guess, and it is contingent on the coming months.