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The Brexit Effect


Basically Jeremy Hunt has no experience in the area of healthcare and now makes all the decisions at the top. After failing to make an agreement on new junior doctors contracts to make a true 7 day NHS (as if it wasn’t already under pressure enough as it was), he massively cut anti social hours pay, more back-to-back weekends and night shifts and longer hours. So never mind issues with pay, every medical professional was saying those rotas were unsafe for patient safety.

He forced the contract on the doctors with no agreement from them or the BMA, then the British population signed a petition to bring up parliamentary debate, but were shot down in parliamentary discussions and it was only when doctors went on strike numerous times, did any change happen (and 100% it should never have come to that). For the first time since turn of the millennium applications for medical school have dropped and dropped quite significantly.


Pretty much, which is why David Cameron early this year opted us out of any further integration. I guess on that one though, we have 100% avoided being party of any closer European sovereign state, although I don’t think that would have happened.


Well now the key thing is for us to have a strong leader to replace David Cameron. How negotiations go will play a big part in the growth of the UK economy both in the medium and long term. It would be too costly for both the EU and UK not to have negotiations, so it will be interesting to see what is agreed in terms of the common market. I can see an agreement similar to what Norway has going into place.


That is likely to be either Boris or Gove, neither of which I think are totally suitable.


Yeah all of a sudden telling supposedly your biggest ally that they’re "going to the back of the queue"

= perfect way to poke the bear


All our “allies” toed the same line. Had any of them not played the scaremongering card so much, this vote may have swung the other way. The Brits are a contrarian people.


When Obama said that, it practically sealed the deal that Brexit would pass. I’m so glad that Brits gave a huge dose of STFU to the elitist pigs.


Bingo. Congratulations on taking your sovereignty back.


Our present administration is not known for its brilliant foreign policy. Hell Obama has a great talent for doing the wrong thing, supporting the wrong side, all while putting the USA’s nose where it doesn’t belong.


Wow, what a wreck. Thanks for the summary, I can’t say I blame potential med school students for rethinking either. I dislike having bureaucrats with no experience in charge of anything.


Thoughts, Legalsteel?


The article is correct. This vote, regardless of the reasoning of specific voters, was a vote against thuggish threats.

And the economic concerns will lessen greatly when the votes are passed in other jurisdictions. I am a proud nationalist, and I won’t cede the Irish or British identity and legal system for the ideas of a homogoneous EU blob.


Also, as the contrarian I am, I enjoy how many liberals are going through the seven stages of grief at the minute.

Crying into their muesli, concerned about whether the prices of lattes will go up.


What I find annoying is the barrage of people calling for a re-vote. I saw something in the news today about Expats not getting to vote so they’re (the stayers) saying they should get their say so there should a re-vote.

Imagine the condescension coming from them if the tables were reversed - they’d be smugly calling the leavers a bunch of cry babies and saying how they (the leavers) don’t know what’s good for them.

That might be one of my biggest pet peeves with these statist assholes is how condescending and smug they are even though they consistently demonstrate they know very little about the issues they claim to champion.


What annoys me more is the remainers complaining that the youth were not heard. Yeah, well, if 50% of the youth won’t turn out to vote, I have one thing to say to that:

Tough titties. You don’t get to demand a minority veto to a plebiscite. Pardon my french, but go and fuck yourselves.


I love the spin Dems are putting on this, because if the stay vote won, they would be talking about “the people have spoken.”



I saw that. Even assuming they were all genuine, it isn’t 17 million.


The mistake is they were heard when they didn’t show to vote … i.e. they didn’t care either way.


There is no absentee veto, nor should there be.