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The Brexit Effect


That’s because History IS cool as fuck!

Also beans has a rare way with words. I have already chuckled numerous times on this thread alone


What was this debacle? I have not heard this story. I’ve been aware that the NHS is massively understaffed for a while now but this is new to me.


Agreed, but it works primarily because of their population size. Could you really see that working in a country 10 or 20 times larger? I mean the population of the country is basically the size of New York City


From what I’ve heard the exit wasn’t so much a reflection on British Sovereignty as it was on trade and economic mobility. My understanding was that the British involvement in the EU was primarily focused around the free flow of workers goods and capital? They weren’t part of the Eurozone so they didn’t have the same oversight and restrictions as some of the other countries.


I voted out, Aragorn. I will not be threatened. Come what may, I voted based on my conscience. If we suffer, so be it. I may be an idiot, but I could not vote against my morals. Come what may, I, and 17 million others chose this.

A pox on our “allies” houses.


I may be a goof, but I voted out to this song:


I’m 100% with you on that. Good for you! I think short term some suffering as with any new event, but I think ultimately you guys will be better off. And have the British Pride back. As Sifu mentioned, get fisheries back, no more payments, and a whole host of other things.

Also, you are probably one of the last posters I would think to ever call an idiot. No way.

Also, Up the Irons! Fuck yes.


Well, here’s hoping. I may personally suffer.

I had planned to abstain, but I simply couldn’t. I knew the consequences, but maybe I align more with the yanks than I ever will Europe.

To quote one of your countries fathers:

“No taxation, without representation”

Christ, I should have been a yank.


We’d have loved to have you!

But somebody needs to keep the torch alive over there as well.

Also, I have voted for things that would personally affect me negatively because I thought that it was the right decision to make. I call that having integrity. Voting on principle is a far higher ethic than voting on pure short term self interest alone.


Honestly, it has been a hard day. I am glad I have an ally, even if it is across the pond.

As for my integrity, what can I say, I lie if asked. Can’t help being a coward sometimes, especially when it comes to the social opprobrium.


That is an interesting question, as it touches the topic of the optimal size of government ruled entities i.e. states.

Some thinkers (not political scientists, mind you) argue that the size of a Swiss canton or a classical Greek city state is the largest manageable entity that can be adequately managed without infringing on indvidual rights and personal freedoms.

I find it fascinating that the majority of Swiss politics is focused on the local level of a village, town or a city, and many inhabitants could not name their country (confederation) president.

My knowledge is sketchy on the topic, but I think I recall that the role of S’s in the “USA” was finally settled with the Civil War?


No control over your boarders
Forced to pay a sizable portion of GDP for other country’s bloated failing welfare states
No recourse at all, as you have zero say in the people that regulate you

That’s a lot more than minimal.

So you can choose not tofund other nation’s welfare states?

Irrelevant, and obviously false, else remain would have won.

All things we need

Freedom is rarely not the best decision


This is why I logged back in. I <3 you man.

Congrats on your victory. All will be fine. The EU needs the UK, so there will be plenty of the same without Big Brother to answer to. After the initial butthurt of course.

Also this:

God I hope it’s true.

Thanks for the kind words fellas


Hyperbole and ball busting man. I’m just cracking jokes. High on freedom today.


This will, without question, be the case.

The EU needs the UK tit to suckle. That is why Merkel is pants suit shitting right now and “meeting” with other nations. You know threatening them not to think they are special and can just leave too.


Thanks Beans. Like I said, it has been an emotionally draining day, and I have dodged the question a lot.

But I remain confident that Britain will endure, nay, thrive. And if not? Better potato skins for dinner as a freeman, than steak as a serf.


That chart is like porn, I could practically beat off to it.


Being part doesn’t mean giving up complete national sovereignty, but isn’t it the unspoken truth of many that it is the ultimate goal?


Never consider yourself an idiot for voting what you believe in. There were valid arguments either way for leave and remain and at the end of the day that is what democracy is about and despite my views on the being part of the EU, I think in the long term things will even out.


To say we pay a sizeable portion of our GDP to fund other nations welfare states is just not true. The figure being shouted about in the leave campaign have already been proved to be false (although the remain campaign was just as bad with the scare mongering). Again UK pays to be part of the EU, in return we are part of the trading bloc, attract huge amounts of FDI and we have free trade with practically the whole of Europe. In terms of control over borders, yes they are still open to EU citizens, but they can no longer come over here to play the benefit systems.

Ok, I will change that to almost all of the EU legislation was supported by the UK Government. Now the UK Government does have full control over legislation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their changes agree with the population. Again Junior Doctors contracts being one of the main ones. At the end of the day we still have an unelected upper house and a non-proportional electoral system.

Why do we need stagflation and depreciation of our currency? I would be interested to know your reasoning behind that.

Fair enough on that last part though. Again it was minimal sovereignty we gave up as we weren’t part of EMU and negotiated out of a number of EU policies and control, now we do have complete freedom. I guess most of my views come from an economic standpoint.