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The Brexit Effect


Temporary problems.

The “Sun Never Sets on the British Empire” and you guys held off Hitler… ALl without the EU.

You’ll be fine with time. That and Germany will finally establish it’s complete and total domination of the European continent that it’s been lusting after for 100+ years. They will tax the working class, give money to the poorer classes, and force a sizable portion of the advanced nation’s of the world’s markets to in turn pay that money to massive global elites.

All the while letting the influx of barbarians ravage their countries in order to keep the working classes scared to stand up for themselves and tell the government to stop being dicks. They already took your ability to defend yourself, so you need the government to defend you for them.

None of this shit is an accident, except the UK growing a set of balls.



Senator Palpatine getting salty as fuck.

I’ll translate for you: “keep your mouths shut and panties on until I tell you what decisions to make.”


I personally can’t see the positives in Brexit. The EU had its flaws, but the UK has now left the biggest trading bloc in the world, it is going to cause inflation, economic slowdown (maybe even recession) and certainly in the near future there will be a big cut on investment.

Also, being part of the common market has made the UK an attractive place for FDI, which has created a lot of jobs. Losing the freedom of movement will also make things more difficult to fill skills gaps in IT, construction and the NHS (which is already dangerously understaffed and at risk of privatisation now).

Reform had already been made so migrants can’t claim employment or child benefits until they have worked in the UK for 4 years contributing to taxes. Now there is going to be huge uncertainty over the next 1-2 years, but only time will tell what impact it will have long term. Hopefully I am wrong and it won’t be as bad as I think it will be.


Yes… I mean sovereignty is totally worth giving up because of a temporary economic downturn we desperately need.

(We actually need a global depression unlike the world has ever known, but that’s another thread.)

This is a rare, fuck that unheard of example of people gaining (back) sovereignty without having to go to war to get it. This vote literally alters the course of human history for the side of liberty and self determination. This is basically the Magna Carta of our time.

Yes, we should avoid this whole thing because stock portfolios will take a temporary hit. [quote=“Ironwarrior25, post:24, topic:218846”]
Also, being part of the common market has made the UK an attractive place for FDI, which has created a lot of jobs.

It’s also make the UK the left tit to Germnay’s right, of which the rest of Europe suckles to fund the bloated welfare state none of those countries could sustain if it wasn’t for the US anyway.

My god visa’s? The horror!

On que, that massive welfare state that isn’t sustainable…

The UK was literally the most powerful nation in the world once, and a significant world power before feeding the rest of Europe’s welfare.

You’ll/They will be absolutely fine.


I love the way you frame things CB.


Beans makes history sound cool as fuck.

This also gives me a shred of hope that there are still some people out there in the world who have the sack to do more than just get pissed off. If only that feeling would take root here in America.


Not trying to be a dick but… The irony in this statement is thick.

As a member State Merkel could have told you that you couldn’t go to France or Greece, through unelected officials issuing regulations, and you’d be helpless to do as you pleased.

You weren’t free to move, you were allowed to by your masters.


You know what’s going to be hilarious?

When the UK parliament won’t go through with it, and it causes a societal meltdown that would end in civil war, but won’t because the bootlicking red coats gave up their guns and now knifes, so they will have to fight off the government with spoons and sharpened sticks…

Throwing rocks and broken pieces of bricks like god damn cavemen… But you know, Europeans are sophisticated and don’t “need” guns and stuff guyz.


Will Brexit help Trump?


Most likely (if he can get his facts straight about it).


Agreed, if he can spin it right.


Alright, I’m done. See you bastards Monday.

Enjoy your freedom red coats. You’ve taken a stand against globalism and the ruling elite. Be proud, you deserve it.


Again the EU had its flaws, but being part of the EU does not mean giving up complete national sovereignty. Further integration was not necessary, but I think reform was needed, not a complete exit and we got some of that earlier this year. The UK has full control over tax and spending, we are barred from any closer union, we have opted out of the Schengen Area and almost all of EU legislation was supported by the UK.

Also the UK was never part of EMU, so we maintained our own currency and own monetary policy.

Visa’s are fine and all when the screening process is effective. At the moment I don’t believe the UK’s process is.

Whether the NHS is sustainable is a whole different argument, but I can guarantee the UK population do not want the NHS to be privatised and after the junior doctors contract debacle, I don’t see how it is beneficial to make it harder for qualified European Doctors to move to the UK.

I have no doubt the UK will be fine in the long run, but at the end of the day leaving the EU will lead to economic downturn, depreciation of our currency and inflation in the short term, but with very few clear long term economic or social benefits, so I do not see how it was the best decision.


So you admit it means giving up a sizable amount of sovereignty?

This again sounds like nothing more than someone in a dead loveless marriage arguing against divorce because divorce is hard to get through and takes too much effort.



Up next, Oustria, Finnished, Czech-out, Italeave, and Departugal.


“Europeans don’t have guns” is partially an urban myth. Don’t make sweeping conclusions based on the example of the UK.

Also, check the gun ownership rates in Finland, Austria or even Germany.

On a side note, I believe the Swiss have the best system of government in the world. They decide literally EVERYTHING through referendums, whether it is gun control, immigration, purchase of new fighter jets for the air force, or on the local level whether to build a specific road or to allow a skyscraper in a specific city.


No, it is a minimal amount of sovereignty. Again the UK has full control over tax and spending, we are barred from any closer union, we have opted out of the Schengen Area and almost all of EU legislation was supported by the UK. Also after the reform negotiated earlier this year, we do not have to provide employment benefits to EU migrants until after 4 years of them working and paying tax.

In my view, I just don’t think the decision to leave is economically sound and the economic benefits of staying in far outweighed the benefits of leaving in my opinion. The effect of Brexit will be significantly lessened though if we can still negotiate access to the common market and that will certainly offset loss of jobs and curb inflation.

Still, the decision is made now, we should get the negotiations for exit started as soon as possible and reduce the period of uncertainty.


This is one of my favorite character qualities of you Brits. Outstanding.


Holy shitballs. That was lethal.