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The Brexit Effect


So my government is moving to embrace hell. God help us all.


Keep the updates coming. Very interesting to follow


A perspective from a bitter Australian



This undermines a major plank of the apocalyptic contentions.


Whatever would we do without the EU to regulate tooth brush standards? The mind recoils at the thought.


Interesting documentary from the Blair years about Britain’s relationship with the EU. It contains interesting aspects of why we entered and subsequently voted to depart.


Nor do the vast majority of the people who voted on either side, or the media organisations they get their knowledge from.

We find it adds a whole new layer of fun to politics if no-one knows what’s going on.


Ah we all know what’s going on. A good dose of British prevarication before enacting a law that amounts to a proper British compromise, namely one that everyone detests.


I want to leave with no deal,

Leave means leave

My great grandad didn’t serve as a sergeant in Africa against the Germans to beat them, come home, retire to then have our country ordered by Germans it is ridiculous, The EU want an army of their own?, will this be the third time something bad happens when germany gets power?

Also I want Globalist May out, Her deal is basically lose all the benefits of the EU but keep the negatives…

I hope she resigns and UKIP wins, Labour and Conservatives are not for the working class people…

Labour sent our lads to Iraq on a lie, and Conservatives are just as bad and undemocratic.

Also MP’s do not understand the bargaining power we have they act like we are a shitty little country they don’t need yet we used to be Great Britain…

Also if you agree with me watch this video, it gives me goosebumps to see what we once were