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The Brexit Effect


Admittedly I’ve been completely out of the loop for the last couple weeks on global politics. I had heard a little here and there about the vote but didn’t think it was going anywhere until tonight. Anyone across the pond have some insightful opinions? Seems to me this could have substantial long lasting impacts on the world economy and global politics.


Ignore people’s concerns and treat them as stupid (or even evil) and this is the outcome.


Economic disaster for the next few months. I am right in the City of London’s financial centre, my brother works for the London Clearing house, and he is working double shifts today. My boss showed me a client’s order to move hundreds of millions on foot of this outcome.

Pound has fallen harder than any time since 1985.

But, the truth is, the EU didn’t resonate with a majority of the British electorate and the British, like the yanks, have a tendency when they are threatened to respond with a fully erect middle finger.

The Brexit was won in Northern England and Wales, which is the equivalent of the US rust belt.


England is way too overcrowded, all the hundreds of thousands of people pouring in every year is straining the country.

Love anything that fights the globalist agenda


Yeah its getting messy. Cameron actually resigning straight away is a big shock on all sides.

I would say 50/50 it goes UK recession >>>leads to Europe wide recessiom >>>leads to global recession


Yeah I would say all the images of refugees storming the border at Calais over the past year was the knockout blow

Obama’s arrogance and lecturing didnt hurt the cause either





Mass immigration is costing England 17 billion pounds annually.


The general argument I’ve heard for them remaining basically amounted to how hard it would be to leave, which strikes me as a pretty terrible reason. It’s like the argument an abused married woman makes for why she doesn’t get away from her abuser. Not very compelling.



Shit… We’re already in a recession, and the EU’s economy is basically Germany…everyone else.

Recessions pass, freedom is lasting!

I’m happy for the filthy red coats myself. Good for them.

But that said, now Germany can actually achieve it’s 100 year mission of controlling Europe, but through economics rather than blitzkrieg and gas chambers.


We NEED the market correction, like unbelievably so.


Not arguing for or against, just throwing the immediate effect out there.


Yeah… It’s going to be a rough road in the markets for a wee bit. Banks will take some hits, but I’ll take it.

Anything that extends a massive and substantial middle fucking finger in the face of the Marxist Globalist “One World Government” cocksuckers is a win worth all the pain of winning.


Just woke up to see this, holy shit it passed. I figured it would lose narrowly but good for the Brits. This is what happens when you ignore the electorate for too long, especially with the reckless immigration Britain has had for years.


omg… so fucking savage.



I would vote you out too if you tried to fuck with my toast.


Cameron resigning is actually in keeping with the old British tradition of the Prime Minister resigning on a vote of no confidence.

The economic consequences for Britain are going to be great. They stop having to pay billions a year to the EU and getting nothing back, they get their fisheries back, they get relieved of a raft of quotas that made the country uncompetitive.


But they also will have a massive amount of capital flight. 2000 jobs from Morgan Stanley alone announced today.

This will be messy, and this is before the impending Frexit, or Dexit, or Nexit.