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The Breakfast Sandwich and Burrito Bulk - Jackolee

Hahaha 90% of my mass is in my legs

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I think I graduated high school at like 125. Wh knows… Maybe one day I’ll see 200 on the scale. Probably when I’m in my 60s and softer lol

I like meadows rows in any old form. Its not a primary though. Its great for contraction and volume. I prefer weighted pull ups personally.

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You get on the Studhammer diet and you’ll see 200 easy. Now let’s see, where did I put those Girl Scout cookies…LOL


Funny enough I’ve never done weighted pull ups. Guess a wide grip lat pull on cables is sort of the same. Might have to incorporate those too

Mmm… cookies. I’m eating a ton right now. Actively trying to not be totally clean lol. Weights starting to come on at least

This time of year is the worst with the Girl Scouts hanging out at Lowe’s! That’s my home away from home on weekends LOL

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Woke 175.8

Weights still going in the right direction. Did a killer back and bicep session yesterday.

Meadows rows (thanks @Frank_C)
Superset with low v handle rows

Lat pulls superset with single arm cable rows

Alternating dumbbell curls superset with seared incline dumbbell curls

Dumbbell hammer curls superset with rope hammer curls

Ez bar 100 rep finisher

Feeling fairly lean still. Looking forward to seeing 180!


I’m enjoying the DB Meadows rows. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ve been super setting DB pull overs and pull downs. It hurts.

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Yeah I almost always superset lat exercises. They are tough for me to get a real burn otherwise. The meadows rows just changed the angles a bit and I could really feel it in my mid/upper back.

This reminds me of my favourite ever dad joke.

A girl walks into the bar and asks the bartender for an innuendo. He gives her one.

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100 rep ez bar sounds great. I’ve done 50’s before but it’s been a while. What weight ya use for the 100?

I’m fairly new here and haven’t read your whole log obviously but you have come a hell of a long way dude…your rocking man

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Thanks man. My bar is 22.5 lbs. If I do it as a finisher I just use the bar. If I’m doing it as one of my main lifts I’ve gone as heavy as 42.5 for 100. Hardest part honestly is forearms.


Today’s burrito
4 oz chicken
4 oz beef
8 oz sweet and red potato
Two slices provolone
1/2 avacado
Large flour tortilla


Woke 174.8

Down a little bit hey… that happens
Yesterday was first leg day since surgery. I don’t know if I can honestly call it that with the lack of weight used but it was an aggressive PT day to say the least

Leg press 30 reps at 60lbs
Single leg press 30 reps at 30lbs
22.5lb bar on shoulders sit down and stand up off of my bench 30 times
Straight leg deadlifts bar only 30 reps
Squats bar only 30 reps
Lunges (bad leg in front) 30 reps body weight only, 30 reps with bar

I’m pretty sore round the knee this morning so hopefully I didn’t push too hard. Felt good though to do something hard with my legs. I’m gonna celebrate with a breakfast sandwich…


Looks banging!

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Awesome new log title, makes me hungry just watching it.
How’s the healing up after surgery?


Good but slow. Range of motion is back but strength is still super low. I feel like the patella tendon is just now beginning to come back to life. I’m doing a test as we speak and doing 30 minutes on the bike to see how I handle it. Most I’ve done is 15 minutes thus far. 25 down 5 to go. Only real issue I have other than it just being slow is I still have quite a bit of putting edema in that leg. I think it’s that I’m on my feet so much and the surgery near the lymph nodes in my groin for the surgery. All in all it’s going well but could definitely speed up. Thanks for checking in man!

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You’re welcome my friend. I’m always curious to see how different people cope with injury. Just in case I ever walks into one.
Good to see you’re getting better, and the bike is pretty good for rehab, I’ve heard. lot’s of motion and not too much stress.

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Definitely have one atrophied leg lol

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