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The Breakfast Sandwich and Burrito Bulk - Jackolee

I’m starting this log to track the process of preparing for my first men’s physique competition. I was your typical 37 year old skinny fat dude when I began this process in August 2017. I was about 175 lbs and I’d say 18-20% bf. Before starting weights I cut down to like 160. Began lifting in Sept-Oct 2017 and haven’t looked back since. I’m planning on trying to compete in the Men’s Physique category in an upcoming NPC show in April so I’m approximately 18 weeks out. I’m eating at maintenance currently at 178 lbs.

I’m planning at staying at maintenance through the end of the year with a couple of cheat days around Christmas and New Years and then going into a full prep on Jan 1. Will start cutting at 2000 calories spread out over 7 meals. From past experience I’ll hit a wall around 167 and will add in cardio. I’m thinking my stage weight should be around 160-163. I’ll attach some photos of my progress. Anyone with competition prep experience, your input would be much appreciated. Thanks

Here’s where I started

I’m carrying a little more fat than these now but not too far off. Probably 5 lbs


You really want to drop another 10lbs? You’re last pic seems pretty lean to me, especially for a Physique contest.


Well my blast got me up to around 180, so I’m in uncharted territory. I lean up in the belly quick, it’s the damn back fat that is tough lol.

I was just thinking that the criteria for Physique was different than BB and that you seem pretty close in your last pic.

Dude, I just looked at your avatar… you got a fucking christmas tree showing!! Back fat my ass!!! :joy:


Decided to officially start contest prep earlier than planned. Would rather be ready 3 weeks out than scrambling and torturing myself. I’ll probably have to do that anyway, but never the less I’d rather be ahead of the game.

I got a coach that I could actually afford and we have measurements and first training tomorrow. He emailed me the nutrition plan for the first month. Today was the first day and man it’s a jump from what I’ve been doing. Macros are at 275 p 125 c 35 fat. 7 meals a day plus a pre workout shake and a post workout shake.

Morning supplements are b12, fish oil, d3, multivitamin, CBD oil, leucine, L arginine, and NAC

Afternoon - leucine, L arginine, NAC

Evening - Metamucil, and probiotic.

Digestive enzymes with the bigger meals (2-5)

BCAAs with workout and again with cardio.

Cardio is at 20 minutes a day 7 days per week right now with a target heart rate of 145 or so.

Day one’s in the books and feeling good. Currently at 173.4. Let’s see where we land on show day!


Awesome! Good luck brother

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So I’m on week three of contest prep and am progressing nicely. Currently sitting at 167.4. So that’s about 6 lbs down. But it’s my measurements I’m excited about. My coach turned my diet upside down and I’m seeing a big difference. I was up 1/4 inch in each arm, up 1/4 inch in my calves, up 1.5 inches in my chest, up 1/2 inch in my shoulders and down 1 inch in my waist.

Vascularity is getting better and I feel like I’m falling into a routine with the meal timing and supplements. Currently 13 weeks out from peak week. The Phil Heath Show is in mid March and if I’m ready I might do that one as well.

This is from this morning first thing. I’m always super flat in the morning. Blood flow hasn’t gotten going yet.

Here’s one of some back progress. My focus going forward is delt and trap development as my V tapor is my weak point by far

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Looking solid brother!

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Last workout of the year
Weight 168.4

Current macros
2035 calories

Superset One - 3 sets
Incline dumbbell press 35x25 warmup
52.5x 15
15sec rest
52.5 x 12
15 sec rest
52.5. x 10
Superset with
Incline cable flys
160 x 15/12/10 - 15 sec rest

Superset Two - 3 sets
Flat cable bench press
220 x 15/12/10 fifteen sec rest
Flat cable flys
160 x 15/12/10 fifteen sec rest

Superset Three - 3 sets
Narrow dumbbell inner chest/triceps press
40lbs 3x15 five sec pause while extended
Triceps rope pull downs
90 lbs 3x15 five sec pause while half way

Superset Four - 3 sets
Kneeling overhead tricep rope pulls
90 lbs 3x15 five sec pause while extended
3x15 pushups 5 sec pause while half way

Dips with knee lifts to failure
Incline underhand pushups to failure

30 minutes steady state THR 145

January 3rd

Been off of work since the 22nd and motivation is in lacking. Crazy how it’s easier to stay on point when your schedule is chalked full. (At least for me). Diet hasn’t been the best the last two days, but started strong today and have all my meals prepped. Time to get after it.

Biceps and back

Single arm dumbbell pulls 3x20
Chin ups 6 sets to failure

Superset 1
Straight arm bent over lat pulls 3x15 @ 120
Dumbbell pull overs 3 x 15 @52.5

Superset 2
Under hand narrow pat pulls 3x15 @ 140
Standing isolation curls 3x15 @ 25

Monster Set
V handle rows 3 x 15 @ 150
V handle high pulls 3 x 15 @ 150
V handle low rows 3 x 15 @ 150

Super set 3
Ez bar narrow curls 3 x 15 @ 72
Ez bar wide curls 3 x 15 @ 72

Isolation curls to failure @ 15
Wide lt pulldown to failure @ 80


Weight 170.4

Got back on track with my nutrition yesterday after a few days off for the new year parties and such. Was seriously lacking in motivation the fast few days, but feel good and ready to Rock today.

For me my mood/motivation in the gym mirrors the rest of my lifestyle. If I eat like crap and drink my workouts suffer. When I clean it up I do great.

Sitting 13 weeks out from my physique competition. Not sure on bodyfat percentage but I’m gonna get a scan down next week. I’d guess I’m around 10%

Today’s workout
Cardio 30 minutes recumbent bike THR 135-140

Chest and triceps
Superset 1
Incline cable press 3x15
Incline cable fly 3x15
5sec pause and squeeze every 5 reps

Superset 2
Flat dumbbell press 3x15 52.5
Flat dumbbell fly 3x15 40
5 sec pause and squeeze every 5 reps

Superset 3
Narrow dumbbell press 15,12,10 x 3 25-30lbs
Rope pull downs 15,12,10 x 3 70-80lbs

Monster set 1
Kickbacks 3x15 25lbs
Seated dips 3x15
Kneeling rope extensions 3x15 70-80lbs

Monster set 2
Iron cross 3x15 70-89lbs
Decline dumbbell press 3x15 40
Decline dumbbell fly 3x15 25

Pushups then knee pushups to failure
Dips to failure
Underhand incline pushups to failiure
Chin ups six sets till failure

Post workout feeling nice and full!

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9.9% bf
Deadlifts 115x20x3
Squats 115x20x3

Hamstring cable curl
90x15x3 each leg
Leg press
Hack squat
Pistol squat
140x12x3 each leg
5 sec stretch 5 sec extension
320x12 toes in
320x12 toes straight
320x12 toes out

Always throw chins in at the end of a workout.
Chin ups 6 sets to failure

24 grams whey pre
24 grams whey
25 grams karbolyn post
11 grams bcaa intra

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I wasn’t thinking when I read your workout and I mistook the weight for reps. I was like this motherfucker did sets of 300 reps??? Haha fuck.
Looking leaaaaaaan man. Very impressive

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Haha! If I did that shit my legs would look more like yours! :+1::+1::+1:

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9.9% body fat

Chest and triceps

Flat cable press 300x15/12/10
Flat cable flys 200x15/10/12
Incline cable press 240x15/12/10
Incline cable flys 180x15/12/10
Flat narrow dumbbell press 5 sec pause and squeeze at the top every fifth rep 35x15 40x15 45x15
Tricep rope pulls 110x15x3
Kneeling overhead rope pullls 110x15x3
Pushups 25x3
Dips 12x3
Chin ups 6 sets to failure
Pushups to failure

finally getting lean enough where the ab veins are starting to pop!

Looking awesome brother

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Sometimes I don’t understand the human mind. When your on a diet/fat loss protocol, unless you royally screw up you make slow and steady progress.

Then you wake up one morning, feel bloated and fatter than normal. I’ve been like this the past few days. Just felt like my belly would protrude, and my definition was lacking.

I have been craving cheats, alcohol, and the like. I hit a serious wall last night and was about to cave when randomly I ran into my workout partner at a restaurant. That gave me the motivation to order correctly.

Then this morning I wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle my regimine, and lean and vascular as heck. Who knows. Maybe it’s mental…maybe not. Progress is progress.

7 weeks out from competition


Okay…alright…you’re done man. You’ve already won you can stop working out now.
Sincerely, averages Joe’s world wide


Thanks bro! Always a work in progress. I’m nervous to compete though. What I’ll bring in conditioning I’ll lack in size though . Some of the guys in years past have been monsters. Appreciate the kind words though.

How’s this year shaping up for you so far?

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Probably the best start to my year in terms of consistency, both diet and in the gym. Havent eaten any chips or candy at all, maybe one or two ‘cheat meals’ and no alcohol in January. It’s been easier than I thought but paying off.
Training more and more by feel rather than just what I read others doing etc, and mixing up things I love with things that make me better
So a great start that I (hopefully) can maintain

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