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Because of a busy schedule, I’m one of those people who has to train in the morning. I’ve been eating my breakfast of oats and a banana about 20 minutes before training, with no problems to date. However, this morning I added a bit more weight to my routine, trained only a few minutes after eating (I was in a rush), and felt totally fucked afterwards. Totally.

Can light-headedness, and feeling a bit sick, be caused by the wrong food at breakfast, and the time you wait before training? It’s possible this may be nothing to do with training, and could be the onset of a bug or something, but I thought I’d ask for your more experienced advice.



Well of course it could be a bug or worse, but it sounds unlikely.

Given that you increased your workout intensity, and thus presumably generated a fair bit of lactic acid (did you “feel the burn”? - I can’t believe I actually typed that!), you may have spiked up your growth hormone response to the weight training. Historically, this is known to make some folk nauseous. So, if that happened, and you add a nice bowl of porridge and a bannana or so a few minutes beforehand, I could easily imagine it getting your day off to a bad start. :-}



This may not be true for everybody, but when I don’t eat protein with my morning carbs and fats, I feel like crap and get the lightheaded feeling. The banana and oatmeal is fine, but throw some protein in there (meat,fish,protein powder, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc). I think you will feel much better. At least you are eating breakfast. Never, I repeat, never skip breakfast!

Some people don’t feel very good if they eat and then immediatly train, so you might try waiting a little bit if you can. Get some protein in that first meal too.

Thanks for the advice, guys. Having not eaten breakfast for a few years, I’m really struggling with the current amount. I think I’ll try having a break between eating and training, before I go adding cheese or chicken (!) to my oats and banana :slight_smile:



PS I did indeed feel the burn :wink:

Chris Shugart posted in another thread that he mixes Low-Carb Grow! with water and uses it as milk. He pours it over a bowl of uncooked oatmeal with frozen berries, then lets it sit for a few minutes before eating. I tried that this morning and it was great!

On a related note, unless I’ve been missing something, morning meals (or early afternoon, depending on the day for me), ought to be P+C, and your evening feeds ought to be P+F. I don’t think PFC meals in the AM are bad necessarily, but I try to keep my C and F separate. So maybe go bagel and eggwhites, or banana and eggwhites. Or even better, Grow!


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I’ve had this happen before. Usually means I haven’t eaten enough. When I workout early I make sure I pound a 500 - 700 calorie breakfast with a lot of low-gi/unrefined carbs. I usually eat one serving of oatmeal, an apple, two fish oil caps, three chicken sausage links, one cup egg whites, and one omega-3 egg. I’m absolutely ravenous by the end of my workout (Waterbury Method), and I weigh ~ 140lbs.