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The Boys Just Shrunk Up Like Crazy

I’ve never had any significant reduction in testicular size while on TRT. Yes they’re smaller and have pulled up some, but I barely notice it.

Recently, I switched my T cyp from Empower to Perrigo brand. Same dose, 150mg/week. Haven’t noticed any changes…except my balls pulling WAY up. Doesn’t hurt, just looks and feels weird as I never really had this happen.

Any idea why this changed with the brand? Maybe it’s stronger and brought my levels up (and thus E2, which does shrink my boys more).

Going for bloodwork in about a month, which will be roughly 2 months after switching brands.

Even though my Dr. “warned” me it would happen I haven’t experience any atrophy yet but it’s only be a little under 3 months since I started. From what I understand it’s about like getting into cold water.

I’ve been on TRT for about a year and a half now.

Theyre finally evicted. You dont need them


Why and how would the estrogen have anything to do with this man.

Estrogen is no where in this picture.

The testes shrink because they are not being stimulated due to TRT.

When did you switch to Perrigo?

If within the last 2 weeks , it’s possible you are experiencing a fluctuation in hormones. You need to stabilize again.

If cold water also physically shrunk the testicle by 75%, than yes… They go from man balls, to little kid balls buddy.

The Dr. mentioning it was funny because he said some guys it has a negative impact on their self image. I told him I don’t mind if the berries shrink as long as the tree branch doesn’t! I’m at the stage in life where the shrinkage doesn’t matter to me and frankly keeps them out of the way when I’m mountain biking :laughing: Come to think of it, I won’t have to worry about chaffing in hot weather any more either. But yeah I was expecting the cold water drawing up into the body cavity level of shrinkage.

Anyone know why some people’s shrink and other people’s don’t?

Mine show no real noticeable shrinkage after 7+ years on trt.

Do levels of some other hormone affect this?

Were they small to begin with? IE, did they ever develop?

Define “small”.

There in the range of normal size.

May depend on what you’re on. I know when my Dr. mentioned it to me he said that if it was a concern for me (it isn’t) that I could take some HCG along with the TestCyp to prevent shrinkage.

Same for me. The thinking is that I was probably always hypogonadal and the boys never fully developed so 5-10% TRT shrinkage is hardly noticeable. Still within the normal range but yeah smaller but minimal shrinkage since they weren’t really up and functioning anyway. Guys with giant yams might notice the shrinkage more.

Theory. Anecdotal.

My ball volume size according to ultrasound always low low normal before trt. I actually feel they may be slightly larger. And def hang better. I only take cypionate.

I do periodic ultrasound since one testicle is heterogeneous in texture. Which is my theory why am hypogonadal

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In a few years they will just give us new silicone clackers filled with testosterone that trickle releases over 10 years. Then you make an appointment and they fill them again.


That makes sense.

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Hopefully they work out better than pellets has

This is old tech. " In 1972, fused crystalline testosterone pellets were approved in the USA by the FDA but they were not marketed until 2008." We are talking cutting edge. You could increase or decrease the dose using an app on your phone called “T-Ball”. Unfortunately it will report to your doctor the change in dose. But of course there will be hacks.

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