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The Boxing Thread III


Let's see if this will take off.

Anyone watch Pavlik Taylor II last night? Thoughts???


Indeed I did. Certainly a better performance by JT in that he didn't get his brain pan rattled. However, in order to hang in there and not gas out, he had to keep himself to such a low output that he never really got anything going. He landed some nice counters and had his moments earlier but Kelly was hitting him clean at a 2:1 ratio for most of the fight and backed him up with the jab relentlessly. Even throwing as low of a volume as he did, he was gassed in 10-12 and Kelly furthered the matter by landing some brilliant body work. I had the score 116-112, same as Larry Merchant. Pavlik is awesome, but if he goes up to SMW he would get torn the fuck up by the likes of Calzaghe or Kessler.

Speaking of Joe, I am thrilled for B-Hop and Calzaghe. What a spectacular fight that will be, and HBO is giving it to us for free. Also looking forward to seeing a step towards reestablishing a true HW champion when Wlad Klitchko gets to kill Sultan Ibragimov.


Hopkins-Calzaghe should be an awesome fight. HBO is also showing De La Hoya's May 3 fight versus Steve Forbes, a former champ who was also on season 2 or 3 of The Contender.

I didn't get a chance to see Pavlik-Taylor II last night, though. I'll have to catch the replay next week.


Cant wait to see the Klitchko match. Favorite boxer. Too bad Vitali quit to go into politics.


Pretty much what I thought. Taylor's hand speed is insane, but he tires out so quickly that it takes alot away from his fights.

I like Jermain, but I'm glad Pavlik won. He deserved it, just outpunched and outowrked Taylor the whole fight.

I'm thinking Calzaghe is going to fuckin whoop BHop. Hopkins is too damn old, and Calzaghe is hungry for exposure in America. He handled Kessler in an impressive showing... I hope that's a good fight.

I'm also looking forward to the Klitcho fight. He's very good, but has no decent opponents... good HW's are good for boxing, so I hope it's decent.


I'm praying that Calzaghe beats Bhop, but I just don't know if it's going to happen. With JC gaining 7 lbs his hand and footspeed will slow a little bit, and there is a good chance his 1000+ punches a fight will go down the drain as well. The biggest fear is that with him slowing down even the slightest bit, Bhop will neutralize his hand speed and smother him all night. He definitely can do it, you saw it at the end of both Taylor fights.

As far as Klitschko goes, he's fought the best he can fight, the division just isn't that deep. He's fought the up and comers (Sam Peter and even Brewster, both of which are VERY heavy hitters), and he's also beaten veterans such as Byrd. The only person I see as being a real threat to him is Povetkin. If you haven't seen that man fight yet, do yourself a favor and look him up on Youtube. He's got an insane work rate, crazy stamina, and he throws some beautiful combinations. But hey, that's just my 2 cents.


I'm 180 degrees from you, and actually think the added weight is going to make Joe even better as a fighter. He has really struggled to stay at 168 for as long as he has. He has looked consistently more physically drained coming into each fight over the past few years. I think it's Calzaghe's fight to lose. He struggled a bit with Bika who fights very rough and dirty like B Hop, but his showboating cost him some early and I think that was a one off bad fight.

I do agree that Wlad gets no fucking respect. He's fought everyone who's mattered that he can get his hands on in that division, and already beat Sam Peter who in my opinion is the only serious threat to him at HW. Emmanuel Steward, as much as I dislike him, has turned him into a gigantic robotic killing machine. As soon as Wlad gets his range with the jab and starts throwing his cross, you can stick a fork in the guy. That right hand of his is absolutely devastating, and will eventually be looked at as one of the best HW crosses ever I think. He also hooks off the jab well which is pretty unique for a guy of his stature. Povetkin will stand a chance in two years, but they seem hell bent on rushing him to a title shot which I think is going to get the young chap killed.


I agree. Hopkins is going to have a tough fight in front of him... Calzaghe is so fuckin strange in his boxing style that who knows what will happen.

I really like both fighters, so whomever wins will probably be deserving of it.


Joe's style is incredibly bizzare. He literally "slaps" the hell out of people.


Hey its cool that this thread is here. Lately I have been practicing on my punches in case I get attacked and need to fight for my life.

What Is your favourite punch, and what do you think is the most effective one in combat?

I like throwing left hooks to the side followed by crosses.


Wow. Anyone see Pretty Boy fuck up the Big Show at WWE?

Yowza, watch that uppercut that Floyd throws, busts his face up pretty well.


Most importantly, make sure someone has shown you how to throw a punch correctly.

I'm partial to the 1-3 followed by a right hook body (southpaw).


And I have to say, I'm watching a lot of shit on youtube about BHop... I really like that cat.

I don't think I can root against him.


Just to ask, who did you think was the better: Vitali or Wladimir?
Although they did have similar fighting styles, and it would be hard to tell, who is the better fighter all around.


Yeah man, tell me about it. I am only realizing just how long it takes to develop a clean and sharp jab.


Wlad is better right now than Vitali was. If Wlad just had Vitali's chin and toughness he would be unstoppable. You can just never be too sure with a guy who suffered nuclear meltdowns against Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster.


Anyone else excited about the Pacquiao Marquez rematch? So far, this is the fight I'm looking forward to more than anything.


donut, i disagree that losses to sanders and brewster were “meltdowns”

both of those guys are very dangerous fighters, and would be a risk to any top heavyweight, especially early in a fight.

corrie is a big athletic southpaw, who has a devastating left hand.

lamon was a champion, and had i think three successful title defenses against quality opponents.

true about vitali’s chin and toughness. did he(vitali) have like 200 pro-kickboxing matches, many in the very rough and tumble eastern european circuits, and never been knocked out?

point being, if you dont go down from kicks and knees to your head, i guess you probably can take a punch from a gloved fist pretty good.


i like pavlik, saw the first fight, not the second.

it is a mistake for pavlik to move up. the advantages he has as a middle weight will diminish in the heavier weight classes. at 6’2", and solid fundamentals, and pretty good pop to his punches, pavlik is somewhat of a physical freak for the 160lb division. super middleweight and especially light heavyweight, those advantages are not so much there.

pavlik reminds me of glen johnson a lot. solid fundamentals. keeps his guard up, chin tucked, has his fists cocked under his chin, throws a steady barrage of hard straight punches with both hands right down the pike. not very fast hands or feet, but like i said,
he is in condition to throw LOTS of technically sound hard straight punches for 12 rounds. his foot work is sound too. watch him closely, rarely is he out of position or
off balance.
he does not not have crushing one punch knockout power, but constant steady pressure with persistent good power wears most opponents down in the middle-late rounds.

now, tell me if all of this is not a carbon copy of a scouting report on glen johnson(who btw is one of my favorite fighters).

lets not forget both have a pretty good chins too.

both johnson and pavlik are like the mail, they are always coming and when they get there they deliver! lol


[quote]heavythrower wrote:

point being, if you dont go down from kicks and knees to your head, i guess you probably can take a punch from a gloved fist pretty good. [/quote]

The reason most of the guys in the Heavyweight class get knocked out is because of the force hitting their face. Gloves jsut reduce the cuts and tears to both the knuckles and the opponent. Gloves do not soften the force being applied from the punch. So, a gloved punch could still be just as deadly as an ungloved one.

Although, I do agree about the kicks and knees thing. I am just saying that the gloved thing doesnt matter.