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The Box Squat


I have recently decided that I want to do powerlifting only. My one and only goal is to get as strong as possible. Out of my three lifts as of now, my squat is the weakest compared to the others. I have heard a lot of good things about box squats, but not quite sure what loads to use, how high or low, when to work what.

So my question for you all is: Should I incorporate box squats into my training (Switch with back/front squats)? When do I use a high box, parallel box and low box? With the parallel box, should it be 90 degrees, or 2-3 inches lower (competition height)? Thanks






also elitefts.com That's about all the information about box squatting and powerlifting you'll ever need.


If you don't know the answers to the questions you asked then it's highly probably you've no business box squatting yet.

I think far too many people are too quick to jump on the WSB bandwagon because they see it as the solution to all their problems.

It's a great system and one I've adapted to my own needs when it comes to benching.

But don't discount how effective just plain busting your ass under the bar week in week out is when it comes to building a good squat.

Just out of interest, what do you squat and what do you weigh at the moment?


My squat was stagnant for a long time. I began to box squat and my regular squat shot through the roof.

I regular squat on Monday. Then on Thursday I box squat off a box about 1 inch below parralel. I do about 4-5 sets of 3 on the box squat raw. You will use lower weights than you do for the regular squat (I go about 50 pounds lighter) but it will jack up your regular squat, i promise. Not to mention you'll notice some definite added size in your hammies.


Box squatting isn't Westside. They box squat, sure, but they do a lot of other stuff as well. Box squatting is good because it teaches you how to sit back and begins to develop the muscles you need for big squats.

As for incorporating the box squat you could do it a number of ways. You could do it on max days, you could do it on a speed/technique day. You could rotate different versions of box heights. On and on and on. I think a good way for a beginner is to use a high box (1-2" above parallel) and use that until you are comfortable getting down to the box without dropping on the box. As you progress, lower the box until you are using a below parallel box. Emphasis should always be on technique.


from louie:
I recommend that you train with 65-82% of your box record on each particular box height that you use. Change box heights every 3-4 weeks. Do not base the training weight on your full squat record! Box squats are much harder than full squats! Do 8-12 sets of 2 reps with 1 minute rest between sets. This is a tough workout! The week that you reach 82%, reduce the sets to 6. Don't train with more than 82%. You can try a max the after you train with 82%. If you are going to a meet, take a weight 2 weeks before the meet. The week before the meet use 70% for 6-8 sets.''



Box squatting has its place. It is great for someone who has no idea what depth feels like- especially with a wide stance. It is good for teaching someone to sit back and load their suit/briefs. It may help with speed and really firing out of the hole.

That said, there is alot to be said about free squatting- handling bigger weight, easier on lower back, training more like what you actually do on the platform. Give box squatting a try. But realize that it is not a magical formula for strength.


I squat 345 and weigh 215. Out of my lifts, this is the one it seems I cant seem to get steadily flowing upwards. I have just heard that box squatting has helped a lot of people tremendously, so I thought I might give it a try.


Thanks this is what I was looking for. I used a box that was at parallel and I was comfortable doing it. I dont plan to use a lower box for a couple weeks.


Well, first I would advise against "powerlifting only". Make it your focus, but keep other stuff going on.

Second, what are your three lifts? The box is a great tool for squatting. I have started to use it more and more in both DE and ME days. I have also forced my legs out much wider than I had previously squatted. We actually had a killer ME day last Sat, I hit a 600 belt only reverse band off the 18" box, lots of fun.

Personally, I have really enjoyed used the bands, chains, boxes, boards, and wraps. I look forward to trying out some suits and shirts, just because it's fun.



I fully agree..