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The Bottom of the Surge Tub

so i caught myself doing something new today. for the first time, i put some cold water into my nearly empty tub of Surge, swished it around, and chugged the little bit of pink liquid that was left in the tub.

anyone else ever do this?

and also, i have a collection of these tubs sitting at home not doing anything… you’d think they’d be good for something. any suggestions? they’d make good beer bongs, or maybe put 4" speakers in them hell i dunno, modern art?

I use one of the old smaller ones for keeping Grow!/Metabolic Drive at work. That way I don’t need to bring a whole jug.
also good for:
mixing paint
makeshift tupperware
marbles, pins, keys, thimbles, buttons, random screws and nails, etc… all the random minutia that accumulates but never in large enough quantities to warrant their own storage container
loose change
fetal incubation? fetus + Surge = super baby

ok, now I’m just getting silly.

[quote]m0dd3r wrote:
fetal incubation? fetus + Surge = super baby

Hahahahahaha. Nice.

I made kettle bells out of mine by filling them with quick crete and drilling a u shaped rebar into the round side.

Adding lead shot to the quick crete gets you some heavy bells. tape the rebar for a wider grip handle. Now I have a full set.

Good for waste bins.

Oh and I usually lick my finger and wipe all the extra Surge out and lick it off. Of course that’s primarily how I eat it any ways.


Not that I’m against ingenuity, but can’t you just recycle those containers like I do?

I put recycled motor oil in them to take to the dump. The Whey tubs work great for that.