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The Boondocks


Anyone else watch this show?? It might be one of my favorite tv shows of all time.


^mine too, But to be honest I was hoping it never got posted in here. Hahahahahahahahah. Uncle ruckus.


Nigga, you gay! :slight_smile:


I've been a boondocks fan since it was a comic strip ... Aaron McGruder is the man for creating this

I haven't seen any of the new episodes tho :frowning:




Oh man, the new season is hilarious. I think you can get to all of them off of Sidereel.


the Itis!


yeah, i used to read it when it was it my paper. the strip / show are great. i have the first two seasons on dvd.


One of the funniest Episodes I've seen in a while came on two weeks ago. This Riley moment is priceless.



Priceless, indeed.


The dick riding obama song was my favorite


"A date with the health inspector" is the funniest satire I've ever seen. I love this show.


Its a hit or miss show...when it misses, eh...but when it hits, damn! hilarious.


That about sums up my opinion on it, too.


Your avatar just reminded me that Glen Davis owes me a pack of reese's...


You know what else is awesome about this show? The beat for the ending credits.


Even better, the opening credits by Asheru


Homies over Hoes


I like it but this season has had some shit episodes.


It's like A Tribe Called Quest you have to say the whole thing