The book

Greetings to the forum. Was wondering if anyone has an opinion of the book Serious Strength Training by Bompa and co. Has anyone tried to design a program based on the periodization principles THIS book puts forth? Any opinions on step-type loading and how to optimize it? Should I keep the intensity at a consistent level and cycle volume or alternate intensity while keeping the general volume the same? I would appreciate any advice as I am putting together a 35-week program geared toward hypertrophy and strength (though not maximum strength). Help would be great. Thanks

I am presently doing a program based on the principles in this book. I bought the book at the start of the summer, so I am still in the first phase of training.
The book does address the cycling of both the intensity and the volume of work.
The biggest thing I got out of the book was the idea of starting with low weights for an extended period of time. Tudor recommends a very gradual acclimation period (sets using 40% of 10RM), which is a little unsettling, but I now believe that the injuries I have had in the past where the result of “ramping up the weights & going to failure” without a sufficient base of work and without sufficient recuperation phases.
Also Tudor talks of designing programs based on years rather then weeks; talk about the long view……….

I bought the book and did the programs about 2 years ago for about 6 months or so, I found it good for the overall theory of periodization but found that the workouts just got too long for me, not so much physically but just eating into the day. His diet protocols are interesting esp compared to massive eating as from memory he suggests low fat intake esp on cutting phase. I am more into Ian King now and he uses similar loading phases which I agree with and a wider variety of exercises which I enjoy. I have seen some people post that Ian King workouts are complicated well they are nothing comapared to the strict owrkouts (% of 1rm)in the book.