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Guys, I know fuck all about roids - except they ain’t anything to fuck with without knowing what you’re doing … so I was wondering had anyone a good reference text book out there that I could use to read some shit before I start.

I’ve read plenty of stuff online but I’d like to have a good bedside bible just to have.

These are what I’m looking at :

Building The Perfect Beast by L Rea

Anabolics 2004 by William Llewellyn

Chemical Muscle Enhancement by Author L. Rea

Legal Muscle by Rick Collins
(I know it’s more the legal shit - but necessary?)

Anabolic Therapy in Modern Medicine by William Taylor, MD

The Layman’s Guide to Steroids I and II: Mick Hart’s Highly Acclaimed Anabolic Steroid Guides by Mick Hart

Secrets of Mail Order Steroid Success by George Spellwin

Any you guys got these ?

id definitley go for anabolics 2004, legal muscle. and chemical muscle enhancement.

P-dog definitely has some issues with spelling, but I definitely agree that Anabolics 2004 is a top-notch reference guide.


(You shouldn’t have told us you were a teacher P-Dog.)

Building The Perfect Beast by L Rea

Anabolics 2004 by William Llewellyn

Chemical Muscle Enhancement by Author L. Rea
These are in my view the best books in the market right now. Layman’s guide to steroids sucks big time. He recommends d-bol for eight weeks. I hope no one is using d-bol for that long. If you write a book and call yourself an expert how can you recommend something like that? This book is really for the very beginner, yet his cycles are outdated. He talks of Deca in his book as a miracle drug when in fact most of us in here hate the drug for its nasty sides. Chemical enhancement seems a better choice for a novice, and building the perfect beast for more advanced bodybuilders.

I have Anabolics 2002 (older version) and it’s good as a reference but I think there are some errors.
I don’t have CME but I do have Building the Perfect Beast. It’s a good account of a pro’s experience but I believe there are some errors in it as well. It also looks at the extreme end of drug use for hypertrophy and I’m more interested in strength with not much size for sports.
Layman’s guide is not very good.

Legal Muscle should be # 1 on anyone’s list.

I wasnt very impressed with CME. I dont have, but have heard positive feedback about Anabolics 2002 (and 2004).

I had to bump the legal muscle comment. It should be the first book you get after you decide to do steroids. (I’m assuming you’ve read some of the basic steroid articles here at t-mag if you decide to do them).
The one certainty among all the theories about steroids is, they’re illegal and you need to know your rights if things go wrong.

i just ordered legal muscle for 35$.