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The Bodybuilding Truth-Book?


Anyone heard of this? I just got an email ad for it and looking other the content its seems rather bogus. What really stuck out what that Alwyn Cosgrove has 2 testmoinals for the book...i was like huh?

I won't judge but my gut feeling is that the book is total bullshit.

This is one article title
"Article 2. Chest In Time -- Perfect Pecs In Just 20 Minutes a Week"

What planet did these guys come from?


Well, if you figure in Time under Tension, I really doubt most of us actually do 20 minutes of pec work a week.

Those clever little catch phrases are ALWAYS something shiesty like that. I remeber Shugs says an article that was entitled "Lose your gut...NOW!" was merely an article on posture stating standing up straight creates the appearance of a flatter stomach.


That's funny dude, you have a point :slight_smile: About the TUT, however the ad is way over the top and apparently the writer(of the book) use to write for T-Nation, Nelson something.


Yeah Nelson montana is his name.He gets stuck into TC a bit ,at one point saying he is exactly the same as bill phillips OUCH! also he said that the only hardcore thing TC would do is wear sneakers to a country club or something like that hahaha. Oh he also has a nice little stab at Shugart about him being a YES man for TC and the only reason he (nelson) and Poliquin were fired was because they were standing up to TC and he didnt like that so he got rid of them.But there is always 2 sides to every story.
Its not a bad read but the guy tends to dribble on with a bit of shit.
Some people sell the e-book on e-bay for like $5

Give it a read :smiley:





Anybody need me to respond to Nelson's stuff, or are we cool?


Totally! Respond! They started it, dude!

(I'm sorry...bored.)


I was originally grooming Nelson to be my assistant editor. He'd done a pretty good job with a number of article assignments.

Then, I found Chris Shugart, who was flat out better, and we hired him.

While I still wanted to use Nelson as a contributor, he apparently was pissed.

At that point, for a variety of reasons, our working relationship went down the tubes.

I think he claims to this day that I "fired" him because he wouldn't endorse ZMA. Well, he never was employed by us (just a freelancer), and I've yet to ask any contributor, past or present, to endorse a product against their will.

Nelson assumes I hate him now, but I don't. I'd still let him write for us if he wanted to.

Now are we cool?


NO! Now say bad things about his family and call him a fucktard!!

(Again, I apologize: there's nothing on TV and I can't think of anything productive to do with my time. Once more, sorry.)

Impugn his patriotism and sexuality! Do it! DO IT!!!!

(Really, I'm usually not like this. So sorry.)


Ok cool so i guess its not any bodybuilding "truth" because i thought i was getting all i need here on T-Nation :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the response TC.


Damn Harris you crack me up!!



Yes I have this book. It a very good read in the sence of realistic training for a drug free lifter. It covers everything from drugs to food and exercise of course.

It however is not the end all of lifting, as you know we all addapt a style and perfect it and move on.


"The truth about Bodybuilding" by Me

Listen to the pros of yesteryear. The end.