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The Bodybuilding Nomad Training Log

What’s up fellow lifters!
Alan here and I’ve chosen to call myself ‘The Bodybuilding Nomad’ because I guess I’ve been travelling the world these past few years pursuing work in my field of fitness and sport science. I’m also on the hunt for cool people (cool to me anyway) in the industry from body builders, powerlifting, strongmen or cross fitters it doesn’t matter much! Just people who are doing cool sh*t and who I can learn from. I also like to hunt down awesome gyms and I’ll be logging my adventures and how I adapt my training as I travel from the west coast of the US to the east coast so come follow me if you like!

Stuff I’ve done thus far

A) Was one of the participants in Eric Helms study in Auckland, New Zealand. Eric Helms is a coach at 3DMJ, a group of natural bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches based out of the US. Very cool group of people.

B) Managed to piss off Layne Norton before a set of squats in Melbourne, Australia. He was cool later about it though. Note to self - don’t try to talk to someone hyping themselves up to lift huge weights!

C) Encountered a few injuries while in Australia (herniated disc, labrum tear in the hip, shoulder tear). But through these unfortunate events I was able to meet and work with Andrew Lock who is an awesome physio and all round movement expert. Andrew understands weight lifting and body mechanics to such a great degree and this was crucial to my rehab. He has written numerous articles so check them out.

D) Decided to travel to the US so I could train at Supertraining Gym in Sacramento and hang with the Mark Bell. Also got to train at Boss Barbell, Dan Green’s gym (he’s a big dude) as well as meet Jesse Burdick in his gym in Dublin, Calefornia. Also hung out with Alan Thrall in his strongman gym in Sacramento and got to mess around with some atlas stones and log pressing.

What else…

E) oh yes… Got to attend the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. This was rammed packed but got to see some big weights being thrown around like Brian Shaw and Eddie Halls deadlift battle. That shit gave me goosebumps!

Anyway follow along as I keep you guys up to date with the cool stuff I’ve planned on the rest of my trip of the states! As we speak I’m on the road to Vegas baby!!!f

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