The Bodybuilding Media Thread

Hey muscle pumpers
I thought it would be cool if we had a thread where we shared favourite photos, quotes, stories, pics etc…all relating to Bodybuilding.

“One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life.”

  • Edward B. Butler

muscle pumpers

“I have this reputation for training heavy and all that, but people are surprised when they see me train. I’m very precise with the movements. I’m not interested in lifting weights from point A to B. I’m interested in putting stress on the muscle and stimulating growth. I want to do a full range contraction, controlled negative, everything like that. So I could probably lift more weight, if I wasn’t using strict form, but that’s not my goal in bodybuilding.”

“It comes down to hard work and dedication. It takes years. You can’t build muscle overnight. Sometimes you do see guys come in quick, but where are they now? You see them for a second, then they’ve disappeared.”

“In the eighties, your training was the most important thing, then came diet, and the drugs were a distant third. That hierarchy seems to have reversed itself since then. Now kids will come up to me and their first question is usually how much I bench. Right after that they want to know what steroids I use. It’s so pathetic.”

“I think about watching Arnold squat and even seeing Ed Corney squatting. Back in those days, if you didn’t squat, they laughed you out of the gym, guy. If you didn’t go over there and deadlift with Franco, they’d be laughing at you. You don’t want to bench press with Kenny Waller? I mean, they’d run you out of the gym.”

"A determined bodybuilder is driven, daring, intense, and injury-bound. Comes with the territory. It’s the last rep and the extra plates that kill you. These are also the ones that build large, powerful, and well-shaped muscle.

What’s a lifter to do? Eat right, rest a lot, warm up plenty, focus on muscle engagement, maintain proper form, take exertion to 99%, not 101%, and learn from the inevitable injuries that strike you down."