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The Bodybuilder's Contradiction

Why is it that bodybuilders as a group are so open to accepting anectdotal evidence to support the efficacy of certain products, yet when it comes to safety of that certain product, we are quick to quote that “there is no scientific research to support those claims.”

I've done this. Other people I know have said this.

Any thoughts? Anybody else ever experience this? Let's figure this thing out (no flames please).

Because we want justification of not only our choices, but we want to scream about our success. Validating a choice. Talk Fords to a Chevy owner. Talk Dale Sr to a, hell I dunno, another NASCAR dude. Talk Packer football to a Cowboy fan. as far as not accepting warning, its either the superman complex or the “it worked for me” syndrome. Supplements as a whole are worthless, unless supplementing a clean and thorough diet, not substituting.

not only that, but most bodybuilders (myself included) are quick to point out the sheep-like manner in which the average joe buys into the quick and easy way to fitness while at the same time frantically searching for the next miracle supplement to help achieve our bodybuilding goals.

of course we do work our asses off and our purchasing decisions are more intelligent than most, but i still think it is a bit laughable.

as a friend of mine used to always say “Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself then at least sit there and listen to ME laugh at ya!” kevo

As athletes and competitors, we’re always looking for that “edge” to increase our abilities or progress. And if we think the competion might have that “edge”, then we need that “edge” also to maintain an even playing field. And we really want to “believe” that the “edge” exists and pursue any avenue that may excellerate our progress. I remember reading an article, in T-Mag I believe, about the use of proformance enhancing substances throughout history all the way back to the original Greek Olympics. BTW, I have the edge and anyone wishing to purchase some edge, send $20 in small unmarked bills.

Like the others said we’re all looking for an edge. We see only the good things and disregard the bad. Part of the reason I think is because of things we’ve been told in the past. Steroids don’t work was the word from the medical community in the 70’s. Meanwhile bodybuilders and other athletes just kept getting bigger and better. If you go back even further, lifting weights was taboo for numerous reasons. Nutritionists tell us we don’t need extra protein or vitamins just a good diet. I think that advice from the past has made us more prone to ignore medical warnings. We buy into the promise of getting better and if someone says it may be dangerous then we think “this stuff probably does help”. We really should be more cautious about what we take and what we do to our bodies. Maybe we’re all eternal optimists. Maybe we seldom hear about the bad things that have happened to others so we ignore warnings. It’s a good question but a very hard one to answer