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The Blizzard of Log!

Alright, so I guess I should get one of these going so that at the very least, I feel very guilty for not going to the gym one day…

Goal: Drop body fat, gain muscle in preparation for 4th degree blackbelt test and 8-hour mandatory training day prior to it (Nov 7/8)
Plan: Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program
Original weight: 247 lbs, unknown %bf, pics to be updated after work.

Day 3 (don’t kill me!):


Squat: more on this later…
Standing Press: 95 lb
Pendlay Rows: 135 lb

So this being my 2nd training day on Rippetoe’s plan, I was psyched because I had lived through my first day. Got up early, hit the gym early so that I could catch breakfast prior to going to work for the day. I think I want to try to move my training to M/W/F next week, instead of T/R/Sa like I’m on now, because my M/W class starts later than work does. Anyway…

The standing press and pendlay rows were new to me (the whole “barbell” thing was pretty new to me two days ago…) but I managed to find a good weight for both of them relatively easily and I THINK I had pretty good form for them, watching myself in the mirror. My arms feel great, in that “damnit, my protein tub is too heavy now…” kinda way.

My only hangup this morning came from my squats. I grabbed the empty bar and held an ATG squat for 20-ish seconds just to loosen everything up. Apparently, my shoulders didn’t quite get the memo though, and when I loaded up 135 for another warmup (my squat was 185 on tuesday), I hadn’t even gotten past standing with the bar before my left shoulder EXPLODED in pain, enough to make me rerack the bar fast enough that I actually cut my middle knuckle on the left hand. I did as many in-situ shoulder stretches as I could think of, and tentatively tried out that damn 135 again. No dice. No new cuts, but no dice. Go into the machine area, crack the pec fly machine as far back as it goes and put on 85, then 120 lbs to try to warm up my shoulders a little bit more. Worked, but after incrementing to 200 lbs, I could only bang out 1 set with even parallel legs and my shoulder STILL couldn’t quite handle it. The pain is centered around the joint, and stretches maybe 2 inches in either direction from it.

To describe my form, I was keeping my shoulder blades tight, hands up like I was surrendering, elbows down, hands maybe 1 ft from my head.

My right shoulder was perfectly fine, but not my left. I dunno if I just slept on it wrong and didn’t have time to naturally correct it, but since I plan on going to the gym in the morning all the time, is there any SUPER stretches for the shoulder/rotator cuff? Was my form wrong (at least how I described it… I had the free-weight room all to myself, so nobody to take a picture)

I think I’ll stay on 200 lbs for at least the next day of squatting, and I’ll keep you guys updated as I go. All encouragement is welcome, as is all constructive criticism/advice.