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The Blindness of the Woods


I don't even know


I really just....I have no idea what to say but I thought that I should share.


What, like you wouldn't hit that if you were a sock puppet?


I was expecting something like The Village, what I got was something worthy of the "Worst Movies You Ever Seen" thread.


That. Was. .... Odd.


I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you.


Billy....do you like movies about gladiators?


I just wonder how that brainstorming session went, and how it led to this.


I think a more pertinent question is: what the hell led YOU to this?




Am I the only one here who wishes he had his own action figure?


lamebook.com, which led me to regretsy.com, which led to this


No the pertinent question is did you fap to this?