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The Blade and Boys on Sportsnation


Anyone happen to catch Jackson,Greene,Wolf & Heath on the ESPN show this afternoon?



Here is the actual footage


I think this is awesome. Espn should cover the OLYMPIA every year. Geez at least ESPN2. Hidetada looks awesome. I’ve always liked him as a BB. Dennis Wolf looks pretty massive too. Out of them all I think Heath has the most impressive arms tho.


Oh and Heath was the right one to pick to do all the talking…lol


Dexter looks awesome!


I’d like to see it televised too. not a dexter jackson fan, but he looked big, maybe the biggest. maybe it was just the shorts.


Goddamn I love the 5 (4?) week out look.


As far as looking best for a BB competition: gotta go with Phil there(pains me to say it cause I fuckin love Kai).

Now, with that said, I would absolutely KILL for a physique like The Blade, god damn is he one pretty bastard.