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The Black Beast Gets a Title Shot. UFC 230 MSG

So its official. DC is defending his heavyweight title at UFC 230 against Derrick Lewis at MSG. Thats in three weeks. A rather quick turn around for Derrick Lewis.

Now DC is AKA and I have to admit I am one salty peanut after this past weekends events. So I hate AKA and everything to do with them at the moment and unfortunately DC is a huge part of AKA. So I hope the Black Beast gets his balls real hot and knocks DC out. Ahh it hurts me to type that out. DC is the man.

The non salty version of myself knows DC is going to put on a clinic showcasing what great take downs he has and how good his top game is. Given Lewis’s last performance I don’t think DC should try to bang with.

UFC 230 looks to be a more than decent card now. Should be a lot of fun.

Derrick Lewis has a puncher’s chance…if Lewis knocks out DC the Lesnar and Jones fights will be called off as originally he only intended to defend his title against Lesnar and settle the score with Jones before retiring.

Never underestimate your opponent; especially Derrick Lewis:- the man has knockout power. If DC didn’t have a Lesnar and 3rd Jones fight scheduled it wouldn’t be a big deal but if Lewis knocks him out he won’t get the Lesnar fight.

Also Lesnar would most likely beat Lewis if Lewis beat DC by fluke. DC and Lesnar are superior fighters to Lewis

Absolutely agree with this which is why I do not think DC should try to stand with him. I am anticipating a fight much like the one we saw with Stipe and Frances.