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The Birds Mans Journey-Come for the Ride

Hi all welcome to my first post. Ive been dabbling with lifting weights for about 12 months now, but now plan to really hit the heavy weights. I would like your criticism and advice.
Stats: 6’2, weight: 205 lbs, age: 27

Lifts: Deadlift: 330 lbs for 3, Squat: 265 lbs for 3, Bench: 230 lbs for 5.

Goals: Deadlift: 400, Squat: 310, Bench: 255.

Ill post my lifting routine and diet in upcoming posts. But in general I lift weights 3-4 per week, and dont have a strict diet but try keep it clean and have plenty of protein. My background is I used to be a semi-pro soccer player.
And now for the photos…

side shot

back shot

another back shot

another back shot

Looks like my 2nd back shot wont work… last but not least, here are the Birds legs…

Back looks pretty good.

Once you put some more size on you could look pretty beastly. If you’ve only lifted for a year and not seriously then you’re doing pretty well.

Good work, now go gain 20-30 pounds : ).

But in all seriousness, looking good for the amount of time training; focus on just getting bigger overall and you’ll look great man.

thanks for the comments T-Nationers. what do you think of my training…

Monday: deadlifts(5 x 5), bodyweight pull ups(8 x 3), seated rows(12 x 3), face pulls(12 x 3)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: mobility and stability work, lots of foam rolling, military press(5 x 5), high intensity sprints(10 x 70yd)

Thursday: back squat(5 x 5), bulgarian squats(5 x 3), walking db lunges(8 x 3), and then sometimes I finish on leg press.

Friday: Usually rest or play some 5-a-side soccer. Or sometimes I will move Saturdays work out to this day.

Saturday: barbell bench-press(5 x 5), Db bench (10 x 3), Incline Db bench(10 x 3), and then superset push ups and dips.

Sunday: I usually go for a spin on my road bike for about 30km. I know I should cut out this cardio. I eat a peanut butter jelly sandwhich before, during and after the ride. I used to be an avid rider specialising in races less than 50km. I enjoy the ride.

And now for the diet… which varies a bit day to day. I snack on toast with peaut butter or avacado, and almonds throughout the day…

7am: 1.5 cups of oats, 3 poached eggs on toast, 1 orange juice, tea with a tsp of honey.
11am: usually some meat with a carb source(ie salmon with rice or a chicken salad roll)
2pm: protein bar/shake with an apple. and some milk and maybe some cashews.
5pm: this is usually when i train. pre work out: peanut butter jelly sandwhich and 1 scoop of whey. post work out is 2 scoops of whey with a tablespoon of dextrose, and an apple.
7pm: dinner. this varies. usually meat and vegetable.
9pm: 1.5 cups of cottage cheese, with a generous handful of almonds and a dolop of peanut butter.

Well, doesnt any one else have something to say? How do my work outs look? Diet ok???

Good work so far man, need to bring up your lower pecs and lat width (due to a large waist) though.

Diet looks like it needs some major, what do your macros look like?

How do i bring up my lower pecs?? I assume more wide grip pull ups will improve my lat width??

And I thought my diet was ok.

I’ve found dips and close grip decline bench presses work best for lower pecs. Alot of people swear by wide grip pull ups/ pulldowns but I find they are quite tough on the shoulders, snatch grip deadlifts and conventional deadlifts work best IMO.

I take it you’re bulking? You should only be eating carbs 3 times a day: breakfast, pre and post workout. Protein and fats should make up your other meals. Shoot for at least 500 above maintanance. It depends on you really and how serious you are about bodybuilding, if you’re not gonna compete there’s no need to be anal about what you eat

Thanks for the advice deadgoat. I dont plan to compete. My only goals are to lift the weights that I am aiming for.

In that case just make sure you’re getting in enough protein and calories

No direct arm work… why not?

Do you think I should do some direct arm work?? Its just that Ive been reading this website for a year or so now and you guys are always paying out those bicep curlers. Im not really sure how to do a workout for my arms… and I would prefer to have massive legs, not too worried about massive arms.

Anyway, todays update:

3 poached eggs and bakedbeans
egg roll, milk, spinach and fetta pastry roll( i know I shouldnt of eaten that)
protein bar, an apple, almonds
pre work out: coffee and some more almonds
post workout: spearmint milk
T-bone steak and potato
cottage cheese with almonds and an apple

deadlift 3 sets of 5 reps at 310 lbs
2 sets of 5 reps at 330 lbs
pullups 3 sets of 8 at bodyweight
seated rows 3 sets of 12
facepulls 3 sets of 12

Please feel free to comment and critizise

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Good frame.
Good legs.

You should do direct arm work in my opinion. You are slapping on clay to your physique, everything should be training equally. T-Nation ‘pays out’ guys that ALL they do is curl and bench and then avoid legs.

Now tell us, what were you doing with your dog?