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The Bird Flu...


OK, so before I decided to post about this and I did do a search on this site and didn't find much...

Anyone have any insights on this whole thing? Is it really an issue? Does it affect eggs as well?

Thoughts, comments, links to information...



The US Dept of agriculture decided to implement a test on every chicken to check for avian flu. Not sure how thorough, but you should be cooking eggs, this will kill any virus. Although, the eggs have these great little immunoglobulins that create immunity to viruses, that's how they get some current flu vaccines.



I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.... but my current job is emergency planning, focused on Avian Flu. For now, have no fear in regards to eggs. You'll never truly have to worry about "infected eggs". Every single chicken that gets sick will drop dead, and the ones that don't will be culled.

The problem we will see as T-Nation men is that when/if it is confirmed here.... depending on how widespread, they will most likely start killing the birds.

Less birds=less eggs=high egg prices. Then again, whatever chicken left on the market could be really expensive due to a lowered supply, or maybe it'll be dirt cheap because everyone's scared to eat it.


the primary concern is not the virus as it exists since at this point unless you come in direct contact with an infected bird you can not contract it. The real fear is mutation of the virus to allow it to pass human to human once someone is infected. However an interesting piece of history is the swine flu, the government overreacted and killed alot of people with the "vaccine" and no one ever died from the virus itself as i understand it, you could probably find the details if you are interested in such things.