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[quote]Mascherano wrote:
Hmm…feeling unfit? You seem quite fit, so that sounds like just peripheral energy issues - stress, lack of sleep. What’s your nutrition like pre-game? I don’t eat before games but rely on carb-loads around the 3k calorie mark from the day before. I like this because I feel lighter on game day, but I have tons and tons of glycogen to burn.

Btw, last weekend I went to the beach and waded in the water which is still incredibly cold. I did it for my knee, to keep some of that swelling down - thought of you![/quote]

Hi Maschy.
Thanks for your advice. I think you are hit the nail on the head. I have been a bit stressed lately and sleep hasnt been the best. Nutrition is probally a factor aswell. Thats the downside about playing on sundays, by the time I get to sunday im exhausted!
Im going to carb-up today like you suggested. YAY for “san francisco sour dough” bread!!

Im about to do my last work out for the week, and I will dedicate it to your knee.

This is the plan:
30 minute skill session
standing military press(im going to aim for 145lbs, 5 x 5)
3 sets of body weight dips(3 sets of 10)
lateral raises(3 sets of 12)

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Hi ducklings!!

Today was game day, and we were playing the top side. As a struggling team we went in as underdogs.
For the first 15 we had them on the back foot, looking the most dangerous. Then they made their first counter attack, clearly offside with the linesman holding his flag up, they scored and the ref waved the linesman away. We were mortified as it was clearly offside. The ref obviously had a agenda against us.
Anyway long story cut short, we lost 4-2. The second goal was also offside, and the linesmans call was once again waved away.
The ref is a dog.

Anyway, I feel I played better than last week, my fitness slowly coming back. I took Maschys advice and carb loaded yesterday, so maybe that was the difference when compared to my lethargic effort last week.

Keep tweeting tweeters!! Next week is another week!

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Hi Hatchlings,

This weeks work schedule had been mixed around, so hence so has my training schedule for the week…

2 sets of 8 reps at 220 lbs
3 sets of 6 reps at 240 lbs

Bulgarian split squats;
3 sets of 12 reps at 130 lbs for each leg

30 mins of skill work including juggling, dribbling and wall passing practicing recieving and turning direction.
4 sets of 350m sprints.
Today I didnt do the usual hill sprints as I didnt have much left in the tank. I think that might have got something to do with the burger and beer I had at lunch.

Keep it real tweeters!!

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Hi kids.
Sorry about the late update, its been one hectic week.
Ill fill you in…

Wednesday: standard team soccer training.

Thursday: rest day

Friday: chest and back day

4 rounds of supersetting dB bench presses(6 x 82.5lbs) with 8 bodyweight pull ups.
3 sets of dB rows(10 x 82.5lbs)
3 sets of dB flyes(10 x 27.5 lbs)
3 sets of 10 bodyweight push-ups.

Saturday: Today I did the usual pre-game routine;

20 minutes of light skill work with the ball
military presses, 3 sets of 5 at 132 lbs, 2 sets of 3 at 143 lbs.
lateral raises, 3 stes of 12 at 17 lbs.


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Hi cage dwellers!
Today was game day. We were up againt a team one spot ahead of us on the ladder. Due to 2 comical goalkeeper errors, we lost 2-1. It was a windy cold day, and there was lots of sliding on the pitch. The pitch was also bumpy. I finished the game sore and a little pissed off. Lets move on!

And come on the Matildas!! Im predicting Australia 2 : Sweden 1.

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Hi egglets!
Here is an update!!

Monday: Rest day

TuesdaY: Usually I do my back/chest workout, but due to coming home late and the cold weather(I train outside), I decided to having an early night and have another rest day.

Wednesday: To make up for missing my chest/back workout I lifted some heavy ass weight before team soccer training. I did 4 rounds of supersetting dB bench(82.5lbs x 6 reps) with 8 bodyweight pull-ups. Team training consisted of a small sided game which is always fun.

AM: Squats. 4 sets of 6 reps at 265 lbs. And then I did 3 sets of 6 reps of bulgarian split squats at 132lbs.

PM: 30 minute skill session with the ball, followed by 4 350m sprints and 5 15m hill sprints. I had planned to do more running but I had run out of steam, probally cause i skipped this session last week.

Keep tweeting tweeters!!!

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Hi ducklings!!!

Today after work I really couldnt be bothered with proceding with my shoulder session, but then i thought of Mascheranos recent battle with injury and it gave me inspiration to lift some heavy ass weight…

Military press:
5 reps at 132 lbs
5 reps at 143 lbs
5 reps at 143 lbs
3 reps at 154 lbs
3 reps at 154 lbs

Standing overhead dB press;
3 sets of 8 reps at 50 lbs

Lateral raises;
3 sets of 12 reps at 17 lbs.

Im a fucking MONSTER.

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Hi kids,

Today Im dedicating my work-out to Powderpuff, who has inspired me to laugh in the face of injury. Goodluck on your comeback powderpuff!

Todays work-out was my pre-game day ritual;
30 minutes of mobility and foam rolling
Some glute activation including, single leg bridges and X-band walks.
30 minutes of skill work with the ball.
I finished off with a 90 second plank(dedicated especially to Powderpuff, cause she cant do them anymore) and 2 sets of 10 of bird-dogs!

Lets get ready to RUMBLE!!!

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Lol! I love how the injured keep you inspired :slight_smile:

Stout training, Bird! Shoulders got a good workout there. Nice!

And I’m sorry you’re on a bit of a loosing streak. My team is 5th in the standings, so I know what its like to run a bit of bad luck. But as long as you’re playing like a boss, then its all good, no?

Today you dominate! Good luck.

Hi children,

Today was game day and we were up against a team much higher on the ladder. We had changed our usual formation and I had a new position. We played a 3-5-2 formation and I was in the back 3, and my role was to mark their striker. In the first half we played well going 2-0 up. They scored one just before the brake to make it 2-1. In the second half my teams lack of fitness was apparent. They scored another 2 goals to be up 2-3. And then 2 minutes before the end we equalised with a lucky deflection of one of the other teams defenders. Finally luck was on our side. The game ended 3-3.

Personally I played well in the 1t half. I played like the boss. Although in the second half I stuggled with fitness and concentration. I suppose it doesnt help weighing 205 lbs, while most of my opponents weigh at the most 175 lbs. I always look foward to after the game where I get to re-fill my depleted glucose storage with a hamburger, can of fanta and a mars-bar! And a few beers aswell.

Im da Boss.

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Lol! the third half is the sweetest! Nothing like drinking a few post-game.

Well done in the game! As a mid-fielder I hate 3-5-2, I find that with 3-5-2 the mid field gets too cluttered and the fullbacks err on the side of playing defensively, and I love playing offensively with my fullbacks.

No wonder you were tired in the second half!

You broke your losing streak! That’s great!

Welcome flying ducks!!

Well this week has been hectic with work. Its cold here in Oz-land and my training and nutrition has taken a bit of a swan dive. Monday was my rest day, and while on Tuesday I had scheduled my chest/back workout, I had once again cancelled it, as it was cold and dark when I got home from work late. Sigh.

So I did my chest/back workout before soccer training;

4 rounds of supersetting dB bench press(7 reps x 82.5lbs) with 8 bodyweight pull-ups.
2 sets of dB rows(10 reps x 82.5lbs)
push-ups till failure(i think I got about 25)
And then I went to my team soccer training which like usual was pretty casual and “light”.

On a side note, my nutrition hasnt been the greatest, and I really need to get back on track! The other night I ate 2 big bowls of spaghetti before bed! I think my poor nutrition and lack of intensity of training has got something to do with the cold and wet conditions at the moment. Oh well, time to get back on track!

Everyday Im shuffling.

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Hi budgies!!!

Welcome to my latest update. Well today was my 2 session day and Im happy to report training went well. I had planned to have a video of my squat, but due to technical difficulties I cant download it from my phone to the computer, but Ill keep working on it and have it up asap!


30 minutes of mobility and glute activation drills.
10 x bar (x2)
8 x 175 lbs
6 x 220 lbs
5 x 240 lbs
working set;
5 x 275 lbs (x2)
3 x 285 lbs (x2)

Bulgarian split squats
3 rounds of 6 x 110lbs each leg.


30 minutes of ball work.
5 x 350m sprints.
10 x 15m hill sprints.

Aint nuthin but a peanut!!!

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Hi Pelican People!

Fridays at work are usually a bit of a drag and I never feel like working out when I get home. I would rather a few beers at the local. But I thought of Maschys, Powderpuffs and Peanut-Butter Andys injuries and it gave me the inspiration go lift some heavy ass weight. Today is shoulder day.

15 minutes of foam rolling
rotator cuff warm-up with a band

Standing Military Press
7 x 100 lbs (x2)
5 x 132 lbs
working sets;
5 x 143 lbs
5 x 143 lbs
5 x 154 lbs
5 x 154 lbs
I then attempted 165 lbs for 5, but only managed to get 2 reps. Epic fail.

Standing dumbell overhead press
3 sets of 10 with 44 lbs dumbells

Lateral raises
3 sets of 10 with 22 lbs dumbells(probally too heavy, but I wanted to try and increase the weight).

Until next time, shoulders back, chest out, head up, and keep on tweeting tweeters!

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Hi high flyers!!!

Today I did my pregame ritual;
30 minutes of foam rolling and mobility stuff
glute activation(single leg glute bidges, lying on my side leg swings, x-band walks)
30 minutes of skill work with the ball
2 sets of 10 reps of 22 lbs suitcase deadlifts
2 sets of 10 bird-dogs
a few minutes of PNF hamstring stretching.

Tomorrow were up against one of the top 3 teams. And in that team is my arch nemesis; “the bird killer”. Usually he plays on the left wing and Im right back. Although if we play with a back 3(instead of 4) then I wont be lining up against him. Usually we have a good battle when we play. He is a smaller player, probally about 160 lbs, but is very fast. I look foward to making him look like shit again.

Anyway kids, have fun tonight, and remember to mix your alcoholic drinks with diet soda.

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Hi “friends”,

Im too pissed off to give you all a full report of the game, but we lost 4-2. Days like these and I ask myself why I even bother.

Anyway, Im going to go drink beer and watch Cadel ride into Paris.

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Hi Bird! Just catching up. Maschy is going to love your log. Sorry to hear about the big loss.

Aside from my 8-year-old playing AYSO, I know nothing about soccer, so pardon the stupid question. Is that you in your avi?

And I’m impressed with your squats up there and those are some heavy bulgarians. NICE. I usually do the bulgarian splits with 15 lbs DBs and try to be explosive, catch a little air. The single leg stuff is challenging. You’ are making me want to test how much I can increase weight on those.

About steaks, I’m going to have to research where to buy and what. We don’t have a local butcher shop that’s convenient and the butcher in our nearest grocery store is awful.

[quote]theBird wrote:
Hi “friends”,

Im too pissed off to give you all a full report of the game, but we lost 4-2. Days like these and I ask myself why I even bother.


Awww! Fuckin’ ell! Sounds like a typical “my team mates are fucktards” match. You’ll get it together as long as everyone is motivated. How many more games do you have left?

What happened with “the bird killer”? What line-up did you use? You play outside back right? Give me details!

Nice work on the squatting.

And btw, to answer your q in my log - I tore my ACL and meniscus in a soccer game (May 22). A negligent tackle from an opponent. It was in the last 20 minutes of the last game of the season and we were up 4-nil. Why she went in so hard is beyond me. I had already made contact with the ball and she went in and rather than hit the ball, she hit the inside of my foot and kicked it out from under me. Good thing her team got relegated! Not that I’ll be playing anytime soon…oh well! You know how it goes.

Powderpuff; you should educate yourself more about futbol, for your sons sake. Thats the problem with the US and Australia, is that futbol is looked upon as a hobby/something to do for the kids. It is not. Futbol is life, and for one to became the complete player; early preperation is the key. Your little 8 year old should really be concentrating on the quality of his touch and feeling of the ball. Physical aspects of the game at this stage should be ignored, while skill and touch work must start now! Google “coerver method”.

Maschy; Yes it was a terrible game. We were unprepared and they scored 2 goals in the first 3 minutes of the game! I say its related to out warm up, in which most of us are talking about who did what on saturday night. “The Bird Killer” was not at the game, he must be injured or something. We played a back 3 which seems to work better for the team, but I prefer playing the traditional right back in a back 4 which gives me more freedom to make overlapping runs etc.
And Im sorry to hear about that tackle. I was also once a victim of a late stupid tackle which fucked up my famous left ankle. And now I walk with a limp, like a gangsta. If I ever see the guy who made that tackle, I would break his neck. Just like you would do to the bitch who broke your knee.

Todays update: today is rest day. I might do some mobility stuff in the morning.
And in other news, check out the beginners thread, where there should be a video of me squatting.

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Hi nest dwellers,

Welcome to todays update. Todays chest/back workout routine has been changed as I had been doing my other routine for about 6 weeks now, and now its time for a bit of a change. So hence, todays workout was a bit experimental…

15 minutes of foam rolling
Rotator cuff warm up

Flat barbell bench;
warm up sets;
10 x 110 lbs (x2)
8 x 135 lbs
6 x 155 lbs
working sets;
6 x 198 lbs
6 x 198 lbs
6 x 198 lbs
6 x 198 lbs
3 x 220 lbs

3 rounds of supersetting wide grip pull ups and close grip pull ups(5 reps on each)

supersetted 3 rounds of 12 reps of flat dB bench and incline dB bench using 50 lbs dumbells(will definately increase the weight next week)

dumbell rows;
3 sets of 10 reps at 80 lbs

bodyweight dips;
3 sets of 10

bodyweight pushups;
3 sets of 10

Today I was feeling lethargic and was taking my time in between sets. Next week Ill have to use a stopwatch and give myself no more than 90 seconds to recover between sets. I usually go to soccer training after this session but due to a thunderstorm that was cancelled today. So I ate a pretzel and drank a protein shake instead.

Let me know what you think my my new routine and if there is something I should be adding/subtracting from it.

Keep tweeting tweeters!!

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