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The Bird Cage 6: The Legend Returns


Sunday, 16th September 2018.



Day Four

  • walked to the gym and the usual warm-up.
  • Back squat to a box: 4 sets of (6 x 70kg), 12 push-ups with feet elevated b/w sets.
  • Supersetted 3 sets of: walking dB lunges (10 x 12.5kg), with single-hand band rows (10 x purple band).
  • farmer walks: 3 rounds of 3 laps of the prowler track holding 42.5kg dBs.
  • finished off with some speed ladder and supine “no money” band work.

My right quad/IT band was cramping/seizing up again as I was warming up for the squats, so I went light and concentrated on speed and mind-muscle connection. Im not sure whats wrong with the right quad, but Im not overly concerned as its only with squats I feel it. I think with time and some foam rolling it should all be good.

Had the gym to myself, so I decided to finish up on the speed ladder. I haven’t used one of these for a few years since retiring from football. It was fun and something different.

I was going to do some bike hill sprints later today, but Im not sure I will considering my right quad was cramping up. I will see how I feel later.



Doing well, backs acting up again. Can’t remember if it’s been 2 or 3 weeks, but ready to not be in pain.

That’s great. I’d love to start doing this again, but there isn’t a good place to train within a 40 minute drive.


@dchris: Sounds like you live remotely? What triggered your lower back issue?



Ya… I moved to a new town last summer. It’s a great up and coming community of ~1500-2000 people. There is a city of 45,000 10 minutes away, but it doesn’t have a good place to train. Just a YMCA that a purple belt teaches out of as a fitness class. A 40 minute drive will get me a great black belt, but I’m traveling for work more and can’t commit to being away another 2 nights a week, when I’m gone 2-3 already.

I was doing an AMRAP back off set of 235lbs with a Trap Bar. Rep 3 I felt my lumbar disc compress. I dropped the weight, felt fine until about 5 minutes later. It’s odd, I can feel it get inflamed.